Start saving for The Complete Gaia!

Gaia will very likely come to an end next year, and I have already begun working on an anthology that will contain the whole comic,
The Complete Gaia!

I plan to sell The Complete Gaia as part of a Kickstarter campaign again. Of course nothing is decided yet, but I already have a quite clear idea about several things:

  • The Complete Gaia will be published in two volumes, with each of them having around 450 fully colored pages in A4 format (standard sheet of paper).
  • I definitely want to publish the books as hardcovers with a nice paper quality!
  • Apart from all the comic pages, the books will feature some commentary, sketches, and artwork from other artists on 40 to 50 pages. I will not publish a separate art book like The Art of Sandra and Woo this time since there just is not enough material available for such a book.
  • The special editions may come with stamps of the characters, the line “Will you come along?” in the first volume and the line “Yes, I will. Wherever you go.” in the second volume.
  • Printing in color is expensive, at least for small print runs. I found that the price per unit when printing 500 units is still high. But for 1000 units, it becomes quite affordable. It’s therefore my main goal to come as close to 1000 units as possible.
  • I therefore want to use a single print shop, preferably one located in Germany. This means shipping to the United States will be more expensive. But the cheaper printing due to the higher number of units should mostly compensate for this.
  • The books will weigh around 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) together!
  • I will try my best to keep the total price including shipping below $100. But it should not come as a surprise that it will cost a bit to produce and ship two thick hardcover volumes in full color.

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