The Tower In The Sky 020

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My comment for this page from Gaia: sic mundus creatus est:
In the third panel, Eldor is putting the logo of the Disciples of the Two Heavens on Elea’s forehead to lead San on the right track. In the fourth panel, it would have been more natural for Eldor to say “San and Lilith haven’t reached […].” But I wanted to convey that Eldor sees them as (spiritual) sisters and thus raise new questions in the readers. In situations where such a tangential piece of information or concept needs to be conveyed, it can be very challenging to write natural-sounding dialog. Just like her fight against Isahara the Mad, San’s subsequent investigations weren’t shown in the comic. Showing all these subplots in detail would have slowed down the story too much without offering any kind of eye-opening revelation. Note how movie outtakes are often funny or interesting, but also often feel overly long and slow. There’s a reason why they were removed when cutting the film.
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