The Tower In The Sky 033

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My comment for this page from Gaia: sic mundus creatus est:
If you do it too often, your story loses its focus, but once in a while it’s a good idea to show a scene that doesn’t have an immediate impact on the plot. Such pages make your world feel less generic. The Shadowdancers chapter as it was planned for the game would have been much too long for a comic and resulted in glacial pacing. But I decided right at the start to keep this scene since I absolutely loved the crazy prophet. Most of his dialog was originally written by my mother. Our readers speculated about the significance of Trias until the last page of The Bipartite Mind. Why else would an author include such a scene in a story? Well, while the orthodox interpretation of history turned out to be wrong, the shady prophet didn’t get it right either! Shocking, I know… The prophet wasn’t even meant to be a red herring. It was just a funny scene from the original mod that I didn’t want to drop, just like the tailor at the party.
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