Comparison between Gaia and Scarlet

I plan to publish the first page of my new comic The Adventurous Scarlet Carolus and the Machine of Eternal Summer on 29 January. Just like Gaia, it will be a serious, long adventure story with some humorous scenes here and there. However, Scarlet will also differ from Gaia in several aspects. In order to align the expectations of the readers, here’s a short overview of the main differences between the two comics:

Gaia Scarlet
Setting Science fantasy with many elements from high fantasy Dying Earth subgenre of science fantasy with limited fantasy elements
World Young world in full bloom Old, dying world
Conflict Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature
Species Humans, elves, dragons, imps Humans, anthropomorphic foxes and wolves
Story Complex main story with several side plots, created ad-hoc during publication Straightforward main story, entirely planned out in advance
Duration Story takes place over four months Story takes place over many years
Cast Ensemble cast with several main characters and many supporting characters Strong focus on the two main characters Scarlet and Tibor

Despite the differences, all Gaia readers should also enjoy Scarlet. My general approach to storytelling hasn’t changed. Moreover, Scarlet Carolus will share several personality traits with Gaia’s most popular character Viviana. Like Viviana, Scarlet is brave, smart and practical. I hope you’ll like her, and Tibor, as much as I do.

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