Breaking All Barriers 042

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My comment for this page from Gaia: sic mundus creatus est:

Those shadow creatures look truly terrifying! Viviana can be really glad that they weren’t real and Eldor and his helpers just appeared like that in her imagination. I spent ages on adjusting the color, size and position of the word bubbles in this and the next page until I was fully satisfied. The full dialog between Kali and Eldor goes like this:

  • Kali: THIS ONE doesn’t understand why HE’s torturing Jael.
  • Eldor: There’s nothing to understand. It’s just that nothing works as it’s supposed to.
  • Kali: Why has HE not simply teleported Viviana back to Oakdale?
  • Eldor: Because she seems to have a rather peculiar soul that makes it impossible.
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