Breaking All Barriers 043

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My comment for this page from Gaia: sic mundus creatus est:

Very few readers guessed that these pages actually showed Eldor carrying out an operation on Viviana’s mind and soul so that she’ll be able to leave the forest maze. This was finally revealed in Monster #57 . The maze spell didn’t work correctly on her due to the special properties of her soul. See my comment on Breaking All Barriers #156 for this. The rest of the dialog between Kali and Eldor goes like this:

  • Kali: What will HE do now?
  • Eldor: I’ll adjust the labyrinth so that she’ll find the way back to Oakdale herself. She can’t stay in the forest much longer.
  • Kali: But what if HIS plan doesn’t work out?
  • Eldor: Then it might be necessary to kill her.
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