Breaking All Barriers 106

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My comment for this page from Gaia: sic mundus creatus est:
This is one of my favorite Gaia pages. The transparency effect on Viviana and the rainbow effect of the rainbow knife turned out absolutely perfect. I love how Viviana is almost invisible in the first panel and becomes a little easier to spot in the third panel. But only at a second look when you already know what to look for. I hope this will also work in the printed version of this page. The elaborate manner of how the effect is finally removed from her in the fourth panel also looks great. We needed a full week to create this difficult page. The first draft for the page was disregarded completely, something which had never happened before. The second draft then underwent several revisions. I spent several hours on the finishing touches for the artwork as well. But in the end, it was more than worth the effort!
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