Here’s a list that contains short definitions for all terms used in the comic. You can find a short introduction to the comic itself on the About page.


  • Academy of Cania – Prestigious academy for arcane studies and material arts in Aracona
  • Aerius – Fourth largest city in Ileasaar in the heart of the former main settlement area of the avariel
  • Aracona – Capital city of Cania, with around 1.5 million residents
  • Aurelia – Capital city of Santhilia
  • Bluebluff – Third largest city in Ileasaar, close to the border to Midgard
  • Brooke – Town in Ileasaar close to Oakdale
  • Cania – Second-largest country on Gaia, located to the west of Midgard
  • Cheysh – Port city in the north of Cania, with around 1 million residents
  • Cheysh-Askaroth – Province in the north west of Cania, consists of the former Free City of Cheysh and the Duchy of Askaroth surrounding it
  • Conas – Largest river flowing through Cania, in particular through the cities Aracona and Conarath
  • Conarath – City in Cania to the southeast of Aracona
  • Crystalgate – Small village in Golnar
  • Crystalos – Capital city of Harasanth
  • Crystal Creek – Large village in Ileasaar close to Oakdale
  • Dalelands – Former main settlement area of the humans and elves before the Darkness, located to the north of Midgard
  • The Forbidden Corridor – Enchanted hallway in the Thunderbolt Stronghold
  • Gaia – Name of the planet that was created by the goddess of the same name
  • Golnar – Country located to the south of Cania, home of the Church of Gaia
  • Greendew – Capital city of Ileasaar and oldest city on Gaia with around 1.2 million residents, built around the Great Tree of Greendew
  • Greenspring – Town in Ileasaar close to Greendew, birthplace of Ilias the Great
  • Harasanth – Oriental country located to the south east of Santhilia, rich in crystals
  • Heyselfall – Second-largest city in Ileasaar, built next to the most beautiful waterfalls on Gaia
  • Ileasaar – Province in the east of Cania, was an independent country before it was conquered by Cania a decade ago
  • Karach – Highest mountain range on Gaia, separates Midgard and Ysdar
  • Midgard City – Capital city of the country Midgard with around 2 million residents, founded by Arathor
  • Lythia – Capital city of Ysdar, Eldor’s main laboratory is located here
  • Midgard – Largest country on Gaia, located to the east of Cania
  • Mithra – Capital city of the former Dalelands, destroyed during the Darkness
  • Oakdale – Large village in the west of Ileasaar, home village of Lilith Caillean
  • Oesto – City in the south of Cania
  • Osterath – Capital city of Golnar, the main temple of the Church of Gaia is located here
  • Santhilia – Mountainous country located to the south of Ileasaar, ruled by the Dragon Council
  • Silverleaf – Town in Ileasaar close to Oakdale, home town of Milo Torval
  • Thunderbolt Stronghold – Main castle of the dwarves in Santhilia, destroyed during the Darkness
  • The Void – Channel of nothingness leading to the Source as well as Bhaal‘s hiding place inside Gaia, located in the middle of the Dalelands
  • Vis – Mythical place inside Gaia, gateway to the Source
  • Wylen – Village in Ileasaar close to Greendew
  • Ysdar – Land of the elves, located to the east of Midgard, secured by the Mythal


  • Aracona Times – Newspaper produced in Aracona and sold nationwide
  • Avariel – Draconic creature with human features, went extinct during the Darkness
  • Avaril – Powerful flight crystal that’s part of Ileasaar’s crown jewels
  • Bluestream – Magical weave fueled by Gaia’s energy, the main source of magic on Gaia
  • Bhaal – The God of Death
  • Brooke Tribune – Newspaper produced in Brooke for the region around Oakdale
  • Church of Gaia – Organization responsible for the training of priests and the operation of the temples
  • Creatures – Umbrella term for all animal species on Gaia, including humans and dragons
  • Crystal – Container for magic spells
  • Crystal Fortress – Original name for the Shadowkeep, the headquarters of the Shadowdancers
  • The Darkness – Worldwide war between Gaia’s and Bhaal’s creatures at the end of the First Age
  • Dragon – Powerful creature with a natural ability for magic and a long life expectancy
  • Dragons – Family of related species such as the “true” dragons, imps, and gargoyles
  • Dragon Council – Council consisting of the most powerful dragons that rules over Santhilia
  • Gaia – The Goddess of Life
  • Gargoyle – Draconic creature with a skin that resembles stone
  • Greendew Evening Standard – Newspaper produced in Greendew, the most renowned newspaper in all of Gaia and sold worldwide
  • The Great Tree of Greendew – Massive, divine tree in the center of Greendew that’s as old as Gaia itself
  • Imp – Draconic creature with a thing for constructive magic
  • Lightbringer – Arathor’s legendary sword that he used to slay Asmodeus
  • Midgard Morning News – Newspaper produced in Midgard City and sold nationwide
  • Milo – Most common boy name on Gaia
  • Mythal – Enormous magical protective shield around Ysdar
  • Rainbow Knife – powerful dagger that can cut through any kind of matter in the right hands, only three of them are known to exist
  • Redstream – Magical weave fueled by Bhaal’s energy
  • Shadowdancers – Thieves’ guild and rebel group from Ileasaar operating in Aracona
  • Shadowkeep – Headquarters of the Shadowdancers, can be accessed only through portals
  • The Source – The source of all souls, somewhere deep inside Gaia
  • Spiritstream – Ethereal weave that connects spirits with the Source
  • Staff of Stars – Lilith’s powerful staff
  • Tear of Gaia – Incredibly powerful crystal that was split into three parts at the end of the War of the Three Crowns
  • Teleportation Cube – Magic device used to access the Shadowkeep
  • Thaler and Kreutzer – The money used on Gaia
  • The War of Light and Darkness – see The Darkness
  • The War of the Three Crowns – Worldwide war between humans, elves and dwarves after the Darkness
  • Twin Crystal – Powerful crystal that can mimic the behavior of almost every other crystal


  • Berk – Derogatory term similar to “Idiot”
  • Cutter – Somewhat derogatory term for adventurers and other fickle folk
  • Clueless cutter – Derogatory term for clueless adventurers who behave like fools
  • Dark heavens! – Phrase with a similar meaning as “Good Lord!”, referring to the Darkness
  • Dear Gaia! – Phrase with a similar meaning as “Dear God!”
  • Go jump into the Void! – Phrase with a similar meaning as “Go away and never come back!”
  • to return to Gaia – to die. The spirit returns to the Source after death
  • to send someone back to Gaia – to kill someone
  • What in Bhaal’s name?! – Phrase with a similar meaning as “What in God’s name?!”


  • A week on Gaia consists of 5 days. The only weekday with a distinct name is Freeday, the last and generally work-free day of a week.
  • A month consists of 6 weeks (= 30 days).
  • A year consists of 12 months (= 360 days).

The months have the following names:

1st Iceclaw January Named for the cold temperature
2nd Crystalis February Named after the Tear of Gaia
3rd Trios March Named after the trio Arathor, Larindor and Bilbur
4th Greenbring April Named for the budding trees
5th Lifespring May Named for the newborn kits
6th Flowerall June Named for the blooming flowers
7th Warmtide July Named for the hot temperature
8th Harvestar August Named for the harvest
9th Parting September Named for the kits leaving their parents
10th Leaffall October Named for the falling leaves
11th Fogging November Named for the prevalent fog
12th Deepcold December Named for the cold temperature

No joke collection on Gaia is complete without a chapter with countless Fogging puns.