Back in Germany

After an exciting, eventful and exhausting vacation in Japan I’m now back in Germany. Unfortunately, I immediately caught a cold since it was awfully cold in the airplane on the way back home.

Updates will be irregular in the next weeks since I also have to work on the fulfillment of the Kickstarter campaign regarding the books for our American backers.

Posting from Japan

As you may know I’ve been on a vacation in Japan for 5 days now and will stay here until 12 April. I will write new Sandra and Woo strips and Gaia pages whenever I find time. Until my return, Powree will create the image files for the website. So please be prepared for minor errors in styling and lettering until I’m back again.

Character occurrence frequency 2011 to 2018

Here is a diagram that shows how often the main and supporting characters of Gaia appeared in each year.

You can click on the images for larger versions.

Main characters occurrence frequency 2011 to 2018

Supporting characters occurrence frequency 2011 to 2018

Number of new pages per year:

  • 2011: 27 + 1 cover
  • 2012: 95 + 1 cover
  • 2013: 84 + 2 covers
  • 2014: 99 + 1 cover
  • 2015: 101
  • 2016: 101 + 1 cover
  • 2017: 103 + 1 cover
  • 2018: 98

Here is the total number of occurrences:

  1. Viviana: 347
  2. Ilias: 300
  3. Lilith: 215
  4. Ryn: 171
  5. Alissa: 167
  6. Sandril: 103
  7. Eldor: 99
  8. San: 49
  9. Ryker: 37
  10. Faye: 35
  11. Teglen: 27
  12. King Savos: 25
  13. Korahan: 24
  14. Salacea: 22

Gaia will end in 2020 or 2021

I’m sure there’s a good number of readers who just can’t get enough of Gaia. But there’s probably an even larger number of people who are annoyed when long-form comics go on and on and on without an end in sight. For those, I have some good news:

Gaia will end in 2020 or 2021!

I currently don’t see why much more than about 250 pages should be necessary to bring the story to a satisfying conclusion. Maybe even 200 pages will be sufficient, we’ll see about that…

Of course there are always ways to prolong a story. For example, the heroes could explore Ysdar, the land of the elves. I’m sure this would offer many opportunities to introduce interesting characters and exciting adventures. But I fail to see how this would add anything meaningful to the main plot. Gaia is about Lilith and Viviana and their struggles, not about the reunification of humans and elves.

I will rather concentrate on tying up the loose ends of the story, such as Viviana’s visions, and bring it to a conclusion. However, I’ve had some trouble to come up with good ideas for two crucial scenes. This may result in a reduced update schedule or even a short hiatus if I failed to come up with something convincing in time.

Completed work on Sandra and Woo books

Yesterday, I reached a major milestone as I finished the work on the Sandra and Woo: 10 Years anthology and the art book The Art of Sandra and Woo. Both books are now ready to be printed by for our Kickstarter supporters in the United States. A few minor technical adjustments will be necessary for the international versions that will be printed by

Powree and Fredy Siloy, a frequent winner of our artwork contests, colored 14 (2 by Powree, 12 by Fredy) black-and-white drawings for The Art of Sandra and Woo. They did a marvellous job and the art book turned out even better because of it. I’m very proud of both books. I don’t think they could have been done any better. So don’t miss this unique chance to get them in our ongoing Kickstarter campaign!

Here are the preview images for all pages of the art book. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version (1.0 MB).

Thumbnails of all pages of The Art of Sandra and Woo

Here are the preview images for all pages of the anthology. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version (3.4 MB).

Thumbnails of all pages of Sandra and Woo: 10 Years