More info about the Sandra and Woo adventure

Have you already read the announcement about the release of the Sandra and Woo adventure game on 5 May 2017?

Here is some more info about Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure:

People have asked if there will also be a Linux version of the game. And the answer to that question is “Yes!” The Linux version will be released just a couple of days after the Windows version if everything works as expected. There may be no Mac version, though, since the game currently doesn’t even start on a Mac.

The developer team is also interested in publishing the game on other distribution platforms such as But for the next few weeks, the Steam version takes priority. For example, it comes with the usual Steam achievements.

If you have played the Steam Greenlight demo chapter, you can expect to see several improvements. Most notably, the developer team has added a good number of funny animations such as the following one:

The game includes several mini games. But if you’re not a fan of mini games, you can make them easier with the help of collected bonus items and even skip the longer and more difficult ones entirely.

In addition to the game, there will also be an expansion pack available for download that includes the soundtrack, a short making-of and various pieces of artwork.

Sandra and Woo adventure will be released on 5 May 2017!

The Sandra and Woo adventure game developed by Feline Fuelled Games is finished and will be released in exactly one week, on Friday, 5 May 2017!

Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure is a classical point-and-click adventure in the tradition of the Monkey Island series. The game consists of six chapters with a total playing time of more than 10 hours. In the game, Sandra and Woo get sucked into a medieval gaming world. With the help of several old and new friends, they now must find a way back home before it’s game over for them! The game will be published on Steam in English and German for Windows PCs. Both versions come with a full, professional voice-over and an original musical score.

Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure

You will not only be able to control Sandra and Woo, but also Larisa and Cloud. When playing the beta version, I was particularly fond of Larisa’s voice artists, in the English version as well as in the German version. They really nailed the needed mixture of pyromania, craziness, precociousness and a Russian accent.

Soon, it will be up to you and your genius, bravery and good looks to get Sandra and Woo out of the cursed adventure alive!

Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure

Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure

The Biting Pears of Salamanca

For April Fools, the artists of DeviantArt drew their own versions of Ursula Vernon’s masterpiece The Biting Pear of Salamanca:

Here is my personal top 10. You can find many more in my pear collection on DeviantArt.

Raccoon power!

Years ago, I wrote large parts of the Wikipedia article about the raccoon. Today, one fact from it received 54.8k points on the Today I Learned (TIL) community on reddit. Very cool.

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