Results of the artwork contest 2015 – Places 26+

Our yearly Sandra and Woo and Gaia artwork contest ended last Monday. We received 82 submissions in total so I needed a while to prepare everything. Today, I’m showing you all entries that unfortunately didn’t make it into the top 25.

The following list of entries starts with the six entries from the submissions placed on position 26+ which I liked the most, in alphabetical order. The subsequent entries are then ordered alphabetically again. The artists’ names are colored red if a link to their personal website is available. Show your support by visiting the artists’ websites and/or writing a comment in the comment section of this blog post!

To our gold and diamond patrons: I will offer a convenient download archive containing all submissions in their original size after the end of the contest.
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Artwork contest 2015, with $1000 of prize money!

It’s time for our yearly Sandra and Woo and Gaia artwork contest! And since the revenues from our Patreon campaign exceeded all our expectations, I decided to dramatically increase the total prize money to the whopping sum of $1000!

As you can see below, not only the best entry will receive a nice sum of money. If your drawing skills are just average, you will still have the chance to become one of the winners by drawing something funny, clever or innovative. Unsurprisingly, your drawing has to feature at least one regular character from Sandra and Woo or Gaia.

  • 1st place: $200
  • 2nd place: $175
  • 3rd place: $150
  • 4th place: $125
  • 5th place: $100
  • 6th place: $75
  • 7th place: $55
  • 8th place: $45
  • 9th place: $40
  • 10th place: $35

Please send your entry in an e-mail with the subject “Artwork contest 2015” to You can attach the file to the e-mail or put a link to it in the e-mail’s text body. You must submit your entry until Monday, 17 August 2015. If you have a website that I should link, please put the link to it into your e-mail as well.

Additional information about the contest:

  • You can submit several drawings or other types of art, but you can win at most two prizes. In this case, the first winning entry has to feature characters from Sandra and Woo and the second winning entry has to feature characters from Gaia.
  • Please do not publish your artwork on other websites before the end of the contest.
  • You can sign your work in any way you want. But a large, ugly watermark will reduce your chance of winning.
  • If you draw the image digitally, you should send it in its original size in a lossless format, for example as a PNG file with full color depth. If you draw the image on paper, you should send me a large, clean version in a lossless format, for example as a PNG file with full color depth. However, you can’t send me any files larger than 25 MB by e-mail.

Aeris lives!

The following illustration by Denitsa Petkova was meant as a bonus for our Patreon patrons, but of course I had to publish it on our main website to celebrate the Final Fantasy VII Remake that was announced at E3 today.

Sandra and Cloud in Nibelheim by Denitsa Petkova

Here are all Sandra and Woo strips that include a major reference to my favorite video game:

And here are all commissions and fanart with a Final Fantasy VII theme:

Poll results

From 29 August 2014 to 7 June 2015, the following six polls ran on the Gaia website. Now it’s time to present the results.

Poll from 29 August 2014:

Poll Nr. 16

The Tower in the Sky received the least votes. I think it had some particularly memorable single pages, but it was also kind of an intermediate chapter. Shadowdancers, on the other hand, did not have many particularly memorable single pages for its length, but also showed a lot of the world of Gaia for the first time.

Poll from 29 August 2014:

Poll Nr. 17

The Lord of the Rings are a clear winner here. I myself enjoyed both movie series very much. I could better identify with the characters in Harry Potter, but The Lord of the Rings movies were more impressive. I think I would have voted “No Preference”.

Poll from 29 August 2014:

Poll Nr. 18

Although The Lord of the Rings is the winner again, the gap is smaller compared to the movie series.

Poll from 29 August 2014:

Poll Nr. 19

A surprisingly large number of readers prefer Eastern RPGs. I’m a bit out of tune with the world of gaming, but I personally got the impression that this is currently not their best time.

Poll from 24 January 2015:

Poll Nr. 20

The Red Hall #39 was my personal favorite of the 15 pages as well and received 14% of all votes (42 of 296). I have updated the article with the places #11 to #25 and added the voting result next to the title of each page.

Poll from 31 January 2015:

Poll Nr. 21

Once again my personal favorite, The Tower in the Sky #50, received the most votes with 13% of all votes (99 of 773). The voting result was very close, though, with the page on #10 still receiving 5% of all votes. I have updated the article with the places #1 to #10 and added the voting result next to the title of each page.

There are four new polls that appear randomly in the voting widget in the right sidebar:

  • Which season of the year do you like the most?
  • What art style do you prefer in a comic?
  • Which character would you like to see more often?
  • Are you pro Skub or anti Skub?

The Ideas Man – A (very) short story

“Regarding storytelling, ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s the execution that matters!”

“Ah, so you’re a big fan of ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace’, then?”

“Excuse me? While it wasn’t the worst film I’ve ever watched, it had some truly terrible scenes and characters in it.”

“But it had great cinematography, top-notch visual effects and and some of Hollywood’s best actors in it.”

“Yeah, but the dialog sucked.”

“The ‘Star Wars’ script had to be one of the best edited scripts in movie history. And the different personality of the characters was conveyed really well.”

“Yeah, but Jar-Jar Binks!! … And a trade route conflict?!”

“So you’re saying that right at the beginning of the scriptwriting process, bad ideas were chosen for the characters and plot and then flawlessly executed?”