My favorite pages from the last three chapters – Places 11 to 20

I finally found some time to look back at the previous chapters – The Last Queen of Gaia, The Door, and The Bipartite Mind – and collect my 20 favorite pages from them. There were exactly 193 pages in the three chapters, so this collection covers around 10% of all published pages. This week, I’ll post the pages placed between 11 and 20. Next week, I’ll post my personal top 10. The following pages are listed in chronological order.

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Answers to your questions, part 2

On the following page you can find my answers to all the remaining questions in the comment section of The Bipartite Mind #56.

Answers to your questions, part 1

On the following page you can find my answers to all the questions in the first 50 comments of The Bipartite Mind #56.

Amazing success of our Kickstarter campaign!

Our Kickstarter campaign for the Gaia anthology has surpassed 50,000€ today! It’s currently the most popular comics-related campaign on all of Kickstarter: [1], [2]!

To celebrate the success, I plan to further increase the quality of The Complete Gaia hardcovers by chosing the following printing options: a round spine, an endband, and a bookmark. See the following news post on Kickstarter for details.

Preview of the Kickstarter campaign for The Complete Gaia

The page for the Kickstarter campaign for The Complete Gaia is now almost done. Click on the link to see a preview of it. I plan to launch the campaign in one or two weeks.

Apart from the anthology that collects all 950 comic pages, there will also be a supplementary book which contains a making-of and Gaia related artwork by other artists.

I still need to shoot a short introduction video for the campaign. But most importantly, I’m currently waiting for info about shipping costs from my distributor.

As you can see, the Sandra and Woo books will be made available for purchase again too.