Rating scale

  • ★★: This comic may have its flaws, but is generally enjoyable for fans of its genre.
  • ★★★: This comic is quite good and there may be some real gems in the archive.
  • ★★★: This comic is among the best and everybody should read it.

Regularly updated comics


  • ★★Buni is about a hopelessly optimistic bunny, conveniently named Buni, in a cruel, dark world. It is one of the best online comics that are still updating regularly.
  • ★★FoxTrot: The official website with a new strip every week.
  • ★★The Perry Bible Fellowship [irregular updates]: Cynical cartoons with a nice surrealistic touch.


  • ★★Gunnerkrigg Court is a fantasy comic with sci-fi elements and published in more or less self-contained chapters. They tell the mysterious story of the young girl Antimony “Annie” Carver and her best friend Katerina “Kat” Donlan who attend the eponymous school as they get involved in the political intrigues between Gunnerkrigg Court and the mythical creatures of Gillitie Wood, a forest next to their school.
  • ★★Lackadaisy [irregular updates] is set in St. Louis during the prohibition era and follows the exploits of the Lackadaisy crew, a formerly (but now less so) prosperous crime gang. The story is nothing special, but the characters (all cats) are lovingly designed, and the artwork is absolutely incredible, especially the facial expressions of the characters.
  • ★★Unsounded is a fantasy comic that has the most beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen. While the story is also interesting with a rich lore, the comic might not be everybody’s piece of cake since the female lead character, the foul-mouthed rogue Sette, is one of the most obnoxious brats in the history of storytelling.

Sporadic updates / On hiatus / Completed


  • ★★Bob-Rz’s DeviantArt gallery [completed] features several very clever cartoons dealing with the bitter aspects of love, seen from a male perspective. There are also lots of other cartoons which are just plain silly, many of them with rather suggestive gags.
  • ★★★ Calvin and Hobbes [completed]: The official website with a new strip every day.
  • ★★ Count your Sheep [completed] is a cute comic strip about a small girl, her mother and their best friend, the imaginary sheep Ship.
  • ★★ Daisy Owl [completed] features the girl Daisy, her little brother Cooper, their adoptive father Benjamin Owl (an owl) and Mr. Owl’s friend Steve Brown (a bear). There are several real gems in the archive, but many strips are very weird, which often results in them being either a hit or a miss.
  • ★★★ Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life [completed] was the best comic strip on the web when it was still updated regularly. On his trip around the world, the adventurer Edmund Finney makes extremely funny encounters with quirky natives and other travellers. A surreal experience you shouldn’t miss!
  • ★★ Mal and Chad [completed] is a newspaper-style comic strip about the boy Mal and his talking dog Chad. When the little genius Mal is not busy wooing the love of his life, Megan, he is inventing teleporters. Unlike most webcomics, Mal and Chad is a very light-hearted comic which is suitable for young children.
  • ★★★ Ozy and Millie [completed] is a long-running comic strip in the style of Calvin and Hobbes featuring the serene young fox Ozy and his hyperactive best friend Millie. In its heydays at the beginning of the century, it was maybe the best online comic.
  • ★★Whomp! [on hiatus] is a semi-autobiographical gag-a-day comic about a complete loser.


  • ★★ A Redtail’s Dream [completed] is a fantasy comic about a young man and his shapeshifting dog on an involuntary journey in the realm of dreams.
  • ★★Commander Kitty [on hiatus] is a sci-fi comic about the funny adventures of an incompetent feline space ranger and his equally incompetent crew. A lot of thought went into the world and character design and the comic manages to be exciting and still deliver a joke on almost every page.
  • ★★Digger [completed] tells the story of the brave wombat Digger who wound up in a strange land far away from home. The unique black and white artwork of Digger deserves praise.
  • ★★The Meek [on hiatus] is a fantasy comic that consists of five chapters at the moment that only seem to be loosely related to each other. The first chapter centers on the (completely naked) young woman Angora who was sent on a dangerous mission by her “grandpa”.

General comic websites

  • Blambot: The best available fonts for comics, including some helpful tutorials, for example about comic lettering
  • Calvin and Hobbes: Magic on Paper: Fansite with extensive information about Calvin and Hobbes and its creator Bill Watterson
  • The Comics Curmudgeon: Josh’s blog with cynical comments about the most recent instalments of popular newspaper comic strips is cult.

YouTube channels

  • Ahoy produces animated documentaries about video games. While I’m not so interested in his numerous videos about video game weapons, his video about the first video game is one of the best documentaries ever produced!
  • Ceave Gaming produced several astonishing videos in which he tried to beat various Super Mario games without collecting a single coin or create a truly impossible level in Super Mario Maker. Not all videos on his channel are equally interesting, but if you have a thing for Super Mario games, you’ll be entertained for hours by his upbeat narration. If you can’t get enough of such videos, you can afterwards also check out the channels of Nathaniel Bandy and Nicobbq.
  • CGP Grey produces documentaries about a wide range of topics. Most of them feature funny looking stick figures. He also tackles topics that you may have never heard of before, like the race to win Staten Island and the trouble with tumbleweed.
  • Marcel Vos takes RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 to its limit. Many of his videos are even great entertainment if you’re not interested in the game at the slightest, like me. At least don’t miss his magnum opus: The Universe Coaster.
  • LEMMiNO produces well-researched top-10 lists and documentaries with a focus on popular mysteries like the origin of the Universal S and the lost colony of Roanoke. While the videos of many other documentarians mostly consist of read out Reddit posts, his videos boast high production values and a cool visual style. LEMMiNO is the best channel on YouTube!
  • History Matters is a channel featuring short animated documentaries about historical topics. They’re funny, yet informative and very neutral in tone.
  • The LockPickingLawyer picks locks. That’s pretty much all he does, but his unusually pleasant voice and the little stories about the history of the locks he picks make his videos true highlights. Most of them are very short, since the crappy locks are no match for his leet lock picking skills. If you can’t get enough of lock picking, you can also check out the videos of his friend BosnianBill.
  • Summoning Salt creates videos that present the world record progression for the fastest speedruns of games like Super Mario Bros. and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. If you haven’t been interested in speedruns before, chances are high that you’ll become a regular on after watching a couple of his meticulous composed videos. You’ll watch a 55 minute long video on Castlevania and will be sad that it’s already over… If you’re interested in individual speedrunners afterwards, I suggest the channel of Super Mario Bros. runner Kosmic.
  • TheZlorf reposted HD versions of the great Flash animations by Cerberus (Tirrel).
  • Tom Scott is a “professional tourist” and presents interesting locations and their history in all corners of the world, such as Why California’s musical road sounds terrible and The most dangerous stretch of water in the world.
  • Veritasium produces science documentaries about popular and more obscure topics with outstanding production values and decent scientific rigor, such as Math’s fundamental flaw and Why no one has measured the speed of light.

Raccoons and animals

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