Posting from Japan

As you may know I’ve been on a vacation in Japan for 5 days now and will stay here until 12 April. I will write new Sandra and Woo strips and Gaia pages whenever I find time. Until my return, Powree will create the image files for the website. So please be prepared for minor errors in styling and lettering until I’m back again.

Books for international customers will be shipped soon!

International version

If you’ve followed my Kickstarter diary, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been working tirelessly during the last weeks to make the international versions of the Sandra and Woo books ready for shipment before my Japan trip from 17 March to 13 April.

Today, all books for customers outside the United States have been picked up by UPS that will deliver them to my distribution partner Aimplify which is located in Sondershausen, Thüringen, Germany.

Aimplify will carry out an additional address check to avoid any delivery issues. You will soon receive an email from <> with the subject “Sandra and Woo – shipping starts soon”. Don’t forget to check your SPAM folder in the following days.

This email from Aimplify will contain detailed information about the shipping, how to change your address if necessary or how to put the shipment on hold if you’re not at home. If you still have any questions about your shipment after reading their email, please drop Aimplify a line at and put “Sandra and Woo” into the subject.

U.S. version

I will work on the books for our U.S. customers after my Japan trip. I have instructed our U.S. printer Ka-Blam to send me the covers in a way so that they arrive here in Germany a short time after my return from my vacation. Once I’ve received them, I will add my signature to all covers and the stencil to all covers used for Special Editions. I will then send the covers back to Ka-Blam who will then print the interior pages and send the finished books to all U.S. customers.

Do you want a copy of the Sandra and Woo anthology or art book?

I’m currently working like a maniac to be able to send the international versions of the two Sandra and Woo books to all non-U.S. customers before my Japan trip from 17 March 2019 to 13 April 2019.

See the Kickstarter campaign for all the info about the books!

I printed more books than needed. Around 5 copies of the Sandra and Woo: 10 Years anthology and 12 copies of the art book The Art of Sandra and Woo (Art book sold out!) are still available. All of them have the “Freedom! Justice! Cookies” line and my signature. Some of them also have a stencil on the inside of the cover that turned out sub-optimal with smudges, a couple bad outlines, etc. This is your chance to get such hand-made (B-stock) books with at a discount:

  • Art book + PDFs: €20
  • Anthology + PDFs: €30
  • Anthology + Art book + PDFs: €45

Shipping (for one or two books):

  • Germany: €5
  • Europe: €10
  • World: €15
  • Shipping to the United States is not available for these books!

If you want a copy, please write an email to with your address details. I will then write a reply and ask you to send me the money to my PayPal account.

I currently plan to send all books to the shipping company Aimplify next Saturday. Aimplify will then ship the books to all customers. So you won’t have to wait long before getting your book!

A general observation

In the mind of some readers, the two most recent strips account for a gigantic part of their overall impression of the comic. If they like the strips, Sandra and Woo is one of the funniest comics on the web. If they don’t like them, Sandra and Woo has jumped the shark twice and will never become good again. This attitude was definitely less pronounced in the early years of Sandra and Woo. This is quite puzzling to me since the newest strips account for such a tiny fraction of the complete works nowadays.

Many people also don’t seem to understand that I can’t predict at all how well a strip will be received unless it’s obviously a spectacular one. [1052] Core Memory was universally loved, the most recent one [1061] Anonymous Tip not so much. But before publication, I pretty much had the same “This is an okay strip.” mindset about both strips!

Character occurrence frequency 2008 to 2018

Here are two diagrams that show how often the main and supporting characters of Sandra and Woo appeared in each year. Note that there were only 20 strips in 2008. The last year was clearly the year of Zoey who appeared almost as often as Larisa on #2. There certainly won’t be that many strips featuring Zoey in this year.

You can click on the images for larger versions.

Main characters occurrence frequency 2008 to 2018

Supporting characters occurrence frequency 2008 to 2018

Here is the total number of occurrences:

  1. Sandra: 555
  2. Woo: 382
  3. Larisa: 359
  4. Cloud: 235
  5. Richard: 99
  6. Lily: 86
  7. Ye Thuza: 84
  8. Zoey: 67
  9. Sid: 62
  10. Yuna: 59
  11. Luna: 51
    Shadow: 51

Notable characters who have not appeared in at least 50 strips yet are:

  • Butterfly: 38
  • Vega and the other kits: 29 at most
  • Seeoahtlahmakaskay: 24
  • Michelle: 23
  • Taylor: 19
  • Ruth: 18

Number of new strips per year:

  • 2008: 20
  • 2009: 105
  • 2010: 107
  • 2011: 106
  • 2012: 104
  • 2013: 100
  • 2014: 104
  • 2015: 104
  • 2016: 115 (incl. 17 MSPA inspired strips)
  • 2017: 105
  • 2018: 96 (incl. strip #1031 with seven rows)