My personal top 20 from #501 to #999 – Places 11 to 20

In July 2013, I posted my 20 favorite strips from the first 499 published Sandra and Woo strips: places 11 to 20, places 1 to 10.

In this post, I present you the places 11 to 20 from my 20 favorite strips from the strips numbered #501 to #999. The 500th strip The Book Of Woo is not included in the list since I will discuss it separately next week. It’s clearly the best Sandra and Woo strip ever published if you ask me. I will post my top 10 next week.

Such a list does not always give the full picture, though. I’m quite fond of the current swimming center story arc, for example, but in my opinion it doesn’t feature a specific strip that really stands out.

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Got over it in 8 min 30 sec!

On 29 April, I finally managed to beat Getting over it with Bennet Foddy in under 10 minutes! After a good number of failed attempts with clear times just above 10 minutes, I eventually achieved a time of 8 min 30 sec 836 msec which would have placed me at position #481 at if I had recorded the run. Since then, I haven’t played Getting over it again since I just cannot do the advanced moves that are necessary for an even better time consistently.

The not listed runs didn’t result in better clear times:

  • 1st run: 3h:59m:54s
  • 2nd run: 1h:00m:50s
  • 3rd run: 55m:47s
  • 4th run: 49m:34s
  • 5th run: 24m:22s
  • 6th run: 18m:06s
  • 8th run: 17m:47s
  • 9th run: 16m:00s
  • 11th run: 15m:05s
  • 12th run: 14m:30s
  • 13h run: 14m:03s
  • 14th run: 12m:26s
  • 16th run: 11m:25s
  • 18th run: 10m:37s
  • 20th run: 10m:06s
  • 28th run: 8m:30s:836ms

New fanart: Speedrun and Ciphertext

After my challenge to come up with your own Sandra and Woo speedrun, one of our readers, Lasse, actually submitted one:

Here is what he has to say about his submission:

I present to you a speedrun of Sandra and Woo in only 3.7 panels using the famous, but difficult to execute “XSS strategy.” Doesn’t work in the printed comic, only for the browser-variant. Category: Any%.

Our long-time reader Moatl sent me a ciphertext. In this own words, he took three of my texts, which he calls a “logical” choice, and adjusted them to create the following ciphertext (PDF version):

Since Moatl is German, the base texts may be from our German website. I did not have a thorough look at it yet. But the ciphertext surely look a lot like it’s been written in a shorthand variant. The three paragraphs of the ciphertext certainly correspond to the three texts he spoke of. They are rather short, so my first guess would be that they’re based on the transcripts of Sandra and Woo strips dealing with cryptography.

Time to investigate, I think. I will take the challenge, but next week will be another very busy week for me, so I will do it when I feel like it. You can try it yourself, of course.

I’m one with the hammer!

Yesterday, I had a really good run in Getting Over It (see my last post about the game):

  • 1st run: 3h:59m:54s
  • 2nd run: 1h:00m:50s
  • 3rd run: 55m:47s
  • 4th run: 49m:34s
  • 5th run: 24m:22s
  • …?
  • World record, here I come! 😉

One of my proudest achievements

Sometimes old geezers like me have to prove that we still have it. So I accepted the challenge and finished the ridiculously hard PC game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, and with a pretty good completion time of 1:00:50 h.

Getting Over It is a short game that can theoretically be completed in just a few minutes, but it is ridiculously hard since it requires extremely precise mouse input. And if you fall at one obstacle the wrong way, you may fall all the way back to the starting position. There are lots of funny videos on YouTube of Let’s Players who scream and cry like little children due to their frustration when playing the game:

All in all, the game is so hard that only 4.5% of all Steam users have managed to complete it.

That was my second attempt after achieving a completion time of 3:59:54 h on the first try. I initially just wanted to show my mother how to play the game at the start of the 1 h run, but then I managed to get to the area with the anvil without any severe error. Too bad that I struggled immensely to get past the anvil area and ruined a good chance of a sub 30 minute run. Afterwards, I was a bit salty about missing a sub 1 hour run by just a minute and tried several times to beat my record. Well, let’s say the game mercilessly punished me with fall after fall for this act of hybris. I really should have known better… 😉