[0088] This Strip Has Been Partially Rewritten…

[0088] This Strip Has Been Partially Rewritten…

… and redrawn, so I guess it’s not exactly the same one it used to be. 😉 For example, in the first draft, Cloud had the following lines:

  • Cloud: “You cannot step into the same river twice…
  • Cloud: … for other waters are continually flowing in.” Heraclitus said that. If you think about it, that raises a lot of weird questions about the concept of identity.

Our editor Neveko liked that version, but I came to the conclusion that the transition to the following example with the photograph did not work particularly well so I rewrote it.

This strip is dealing with the Ship of Theseus, a paradox that raises the question of whether an object which has had (all its) component parts replaced remains fundamentally the same object. That concept sounded very interesting to me, so I really wanted to do a strip about it. I think the strip turned out okay in the end, considering how much trouble I had writing it.

The next strip, which will be posted on Thursday, will be a very special one!

  • Cloud: If you buy a new computer and replace two parts later, is it still the same computer?
  • Sandra: That depends, I guess…
  • Cloud: But on what? … If you think about it, that question raises a lot of even weirder questions. For example, if you look at an old photo of your grandma, is it even showing the same person? Almost all the cells in her body have been replaced with new ones since then.
  • Sandra: I wonder…
  • Richard: Good afternoon, Mr. Miller. Pleased to meet you.
  • Cloud: BOOM! HEADSHOT! O lol lol, girlz are always teh suxx0rs at gaming!
  • Sandra: … if an armless Cloud would still be the same.
  • Simon Miller: Hi kids, my name is Simon Miller. I’m a colleague of Richard.
  • Simon Miller: Good heavens, children these days…!
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