Comic Strip Superfool

I guess the Calvin and Hobbes anthologies sell less units like they used to. Because of this, Andrews McMeel Publishing (aka Universal Press Syndicate) has now resorted to screwing aspiring cartoonists as an additional source of revenue. They and their partner Amazon (Shame on them, too!) have recently announced a new contest called Comic Strip Superstar. The winner gets a $5000 advance for a future book deal. This sounds good at first, but there are more catches in the contract than in your average baseball season. In the end, the “winner” (or rather loser) would end in a lousily paid part time job for Universal while signing away a large portion of his precious rights.

If you’re interested in more details you should read the following article and the comments on Comic Strip Superstar contest announced. There is also a large discussion about the subject at The Daily Cartoonist with Tony Piro (the creator of the webcomic Calamities of Nature) making several well-informed remarks.

I think it’s funny that Powree already makes significantly more money of Sandra and Woo for significantly less work. At the very least she does not have to write all those strips on top of drawing them.

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