Danger(s) to the existence of Sandra and Woo

I estimate that around 90% of our readers have come here for the first time by clicking on one of our ads on other webcomic websites delivered by Project Wonderful. Today, Project Wonderful introduced geo targeting which makes it possible to let your ads appear only in certain regions: USA, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world. This does not sound like much at first. But the way it is implemented, especially the lack of an option to advertise “worldwide”, is a COMPLETE DISASTER really bad for Sandra and Woo. The two core principles of my clever advertising strategy may very well no longer work properly in the future. I guess that I will have to pay twice as much as significantly more than before to get the same amount of new readers. And all of them will be in the United States, which is also very unsatisfying. So far I have spent


(net) for Sandra and Woo. During the last months my own advertising revenues from the ads on our website were large enough so that I could not only pay the Project Wonderful bill, but also parts of Powree’s salary. But I seriously doubt this will still be possible in the future after this change. As a college student the whole thing really, really hurts me. It is also very frustrating for me that other webcomic creators are able to earn several hundred or even thousand dollars per month while I’m constantly losing money.

Since there has been no particular interest in our merchandising or book, I’m now directly asking you for donations so that I can continue to pay the bills for Sandra and Woo. It is not yet a question of life and death if I shouldn’t be able to get some money that way, but if just one of our main ad agencies would drop Sandra and Woo it WILL BE.

So please consider to:

(Raised $646.93 so far, thank you very much!)

UPDATE: I have received a rather promising e-mail by the staff of Project Wonderful. The whole thing might not turn out as bad as it seemed after the first look at all the changes. However, while I probalby won’t have to spend twice as much for advertising in future like I guessed at first, it will certainly be more than in the past. The fact also remains that I have spent a large amount of money for Sandra and Woo and there are only so many financial setbacks like this one I’ll be able to cope with.

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