[0168] Messi(ah)

[0168] Messi(ah)

So, who’s already looking forward to the World Cup in South Africa? Since there will be a story arc about a different topic going on during its course, I wanted to do at least a football related strip in anticipation of it.

My tip for the winning team of the World Cup is Spain. Spain does not only have some of the best individual players, but they also work together brilliantly as a team, as can be seen by their Euro 2008 title and their impressive record during the World Cup qualification round. They won all 10 games in their group, which included such strong teams as Bosnia and Turkey.

Sandra and Cloud are obviously not thrilled about Woo’s performance as their goalkeeper, but I’m sure England could only profit from putting him in before a penalty shootout. 😀 <– *has just eliminated half of his English readership* 😉

Someone has an alternative version of “… and easily leaps Philipp Lahm’s tackle.” ? I’m not really happy with the way it sounds, but I’m lacking the English football vocabulary.

  • Justin: Lionel Messi takes the ball…
  • Justin: Brilliant one-two with Andrei Arshavin!
  • Justin: Feints right… and avoids Philipp Lahm’s sliding tackle.
  • Justin: And Messi shoots!
  • Justin: Oh no! The ball bounces off…
  • Justin: … and slowly rolls towards the goal.
  • Justin: Goooooooooooooooooal!!
  • Woo: ?
  • Sandra: We need to sign a new goalkeeper!
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