[0338] A Challenging Comic

[0338] A Challenging Comic

All solutions to the puzzles have been provided:

  • Solution to the 3rd word bubble [the gray square] provided by Brandon Maus
  • Solution to the 4th word bubble [lots of A’s] provided by AmbiValent
  • Solution to the 5th word bubble [the link] provided by Brandon Maus
  • Solution to the 6th word bubble [code gibberish] provided by Stella Loomis

Don’t send me any further e-mails!

The first readers who send me the correct answers for the content of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th word bubble of this strip will receive a customized digital drawing by Powree as a prize:

  • 3rd word bubble [the gray square]: a sketch such as this one
  • 4th word bubble [lots of A’s]: an inked drawing such as this one
  • 5th word bubble [the link]: a drawing with basic color such as this one
  • 6th word bubble [code gibberish]: a full-color drawing such as this one

After you’ve been named as one of the winners, you can and should give a detailed instruction what Powree should draw for you. The picture mustn’t contain pornographic, extremely violent or otherwise inappropriate content. Of course, Powree has the last word if she dislikes the subject or thinks that it’s too complicated to draw. Different from a normal commission, you can only ask once for minor corrections.

Please send your solution(s) to novil@gmx.de and use the subject “Solution for Sandra and Woo” for your e-mail. You can also send me a private message (PM) in our forum. I won’t consider answers given in the comment section. I post all correct answers, which I have received so far, here. So please check if the correct answer for a word bubble has already been given before sending me an e-mail.

You can post your solution for the 1st and 2nd bubble in the comment section, though.

An answer has to be completely correct to be eligible for the prize. You can re-send your answer if you notice that your first answer contained a mistake.

You can win multiple prizes if you are the first to send the correct answer for several puzzles.

The deadline for sending answers to unsolved puzzles is Thursday, 5 January 2012, 0:00 CET. I will post all solutions shortly after that.

This is by far the most time-consuming Sandra and Woo strip that I’ve written so far. I spent well above 20 hours on it, maybe close to 30 hours. Because of that, there will be no new strip on Monday. The next Sandra and Woo strip will be published on Thursday, 5 January 2012.

  • Sandra: We received some criticism that Sandra and Woo is not “challenging” enough.
  • Woo: So here’s the most challenging strip in the history of comics!
  • Sandra: Kenapa pa? Ada berita buruk?
  • Across
    2. Drops $17 when killed
    4. Raccoon lady suffering from strong food envy
    5. Given his track record (#45, #106), Woo would certainly ___ Jerry
    6. Watched the Watchmen
    8. Richard x ___ = Sandra
    10. First person to leave a written record about the raccoon (surname)
    12. Wolf with a very low opinion on members of the species Procyon lotor
    14. Severe threat to the national security of the United States of America, likes nuts
    16. Powree, like Ivan, makes her living working as an ___
    18. Cloud’s weapon of choice
    22. Woo destroyed one of his paintings (surname)
    24. May contain nuts, especially after dinner
    25. Violets are blue and not related to shadows
    26. Twilight is popular even among young girls living in ___
  • Down
    1. Creator of “Locke and Rousseau”, no wait… (first name)
    3. Songs of this pop group are a popular choice as background music while playing with Barbie dolls
    6. A ___ such as “Sandra and Woo”, “XKCD” and “Gunnerkrigg Court”
    7. Country that was transformed into a constitutional monarchy just a few weeks ago
    8. “Sandra and Woo” is drawn on this island
    9. Frequent victim of teleotactile spells of the fourth level
    11. Wrote the first comment on “Sandra and Woo” (surname)
    12. Locust Inc. ate Paul ___ (in the figurative sense)
    13. Being good in this field of science might earn you lots of (French) kisses
    15. Larisa has apparently just one, not two
    17. Proper punishment for bloodthirsty tyrants
    18. Sold her soul to the devil for a glass of lemonade
    19. Saving squirrels since 1912
    20. Fictional character that doesn’t want to be one
    21. Goes from 0 to flirtatious in two seconds flat, according to our reader Yappy Dog
    23. Benjamin is very afraid of women that carry one of these
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