Results of the fanart contest 2013 – Part 1

I received such an amazing number of great entries for this year’s Sandra and Woo and Gaia fanart contest that I’m still unsure about the exact order of the top 10, especially the places 2 to 6. Therefore I decided to at least write a blog post about all the other drawings that were submitted. Some of them have such a great quality that I wouldn’t have had a problem to give the prize money to the respective artists. Unfortunately for them, I received 10 pieces of artwork I liked even more. I will post the winners of the fanart contest next week. I cannot thank you enough for all the effort you put into these great drawings!

by Andrea Cabral: A very well-drawn picture by Andrea with a restricted color palette.

by Andy: Sandra and Cloud look a little older in Andy’s drawing. I really like the coloration and shading.

by Antonio Saavedra: A dynamic fighting scene featuring Ilias and Ryn.

by Eliza Mária Sándor: Eliza submitted one of the funniest drawings of the contest.

by Garrett Williams: I would totally watch this! A great idea by our long-time reader Garrett Williams!

by Joxtray: When such a well-drawn homage to Calvin and Hobbes doesn’t make it into the top 10, you know that the competition was hard. Maybe too hard?

by Ksenia: The magic effect with the wolf heads looks very interesting.

by Lorena Rogalla: A very cute drawing.

by Matt Ade: As one of the technically best drawings, this would have been in my top 3 if slaying dragons wasn’t completely out of character for Ilias. The role of dragons in Gaia’s society will be explored later in the story.

by Monica Miguel: A nice group picture of Gaia’s main character.

by Ray Zhang: HEY! LISTEN!! I believe Cloud is legally allowed to brutally murder his younger sister here… 😉

by Vill Kommen: Lilith shows her little magic trick.

by Willie O’ Brien: Our long-time reader Willie O’ Brien came up once again with a clever idea. If Sandra’s face were a little prettier, the drawing would have had the chance to make it into the top 5.

by Zsolt Gyurgyo: Zsolt gives us a nice retrospect of some memorable Sandra and Woo storylines.

Here are all the other entries I received:

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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