3rd Birthday / Website Stats

On 19 October 2008 the first Sandra and Woo strip was posted on our website, so Sandra and Woo is exactly three years old now. As you can see below, we found a nice number of readers, and I want to thank everybody who contributed to this in some way. I hope I’ll be able to write comics that are good enough to get 25,000 daily visitors eventually.

Visitors per day & RSS feed subscribers

Here are five things I learned:

  • You must always be wary that your sitcom style comic doesn’t become a soap opera.
  • If you’re not always trying to improve, you get worse.
  • 90 % of all criticism is just personal opinion.
  • Making every strip of a longer story arc funny is incredibly difficult and I have high respect for every cartoonist like Bill Amend of FoxTrot who’s able to pull it off.
  • I have no idea how Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes was able to produce such funny, clever and innovative strips seven times a week.

Our fantasy webcomic Gaia will start on the end of November and I’m very excited about it. I hope that a large portion of the Sandra and Woo readers will also read Gaia.

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