Interview with our reader Sara

Here is a new interview about Sandra and Woo with one of the Sandra and Woo fans that received a poster package, our reader


Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

> I’m female, 17, and am in training to become a pastry chef. Regarding my characters I’m incredibly childish, shy and I’m a lunatic. :’3

When you read Sandra and Woo for the first time, what grabbed your attention the most?

> Woo of course… totally cute, a cuddly raccoon and he can talk. *-*

Is the thing you mentioned above still your favorite part of the comic, or do you like something else the most now?

> I just love all characters and there’s just nothing that I don’t like.

Who is your favorite character and why?

> Larisa – Her way of thinking is unique and what she’s hiding from others is even more heart-melting. I also like fire. *,-,*

Do you have a favorite story arc and/or a favorite single strip?

> The story about Zoey’s crush on Michelle… That was the first time where I was already desperate on Monday because I had to wait until Thursday to know how the story continues.

You have read Sandra and Woo for many years now. Do you think the comic has changed in any way since the beginning?

> Mmmh no, it is still extremely compelling, funny, exciting and wonderful. It’s now even better drawn, but that’s secondary to me because the plot is always great. <3

Sandra and Woo is sometimes criticized for lacking focus. Is there an aspect of the comic that you’d rather get rid of?

> No, none.

Is there a topic you’d like to see getting addressed in a longer story arc?

> Zoey and Michelle >_<

What are your wishes for the future of Sandra and Woo?

> That it’ll never end. Q_Q’

Is there any other webcomic which you’d like to recommend to our readers?

> No.

Do you have anything else do say? Here’s room for it:

> I love Sandra and Woo and it’s my favorite comic which I won’t ever stop reading… and you’re always looking forward to Monday, although Monday usually isn’t a day to look forward to. :’3

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