[0067] The Trial

[0067] The Trial

The current story arc started with this strip: Addicted.

A Sandra and Woo strip without Sandra, Woo, or any of the minor characters. o_O

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EDIT (13 June 2009): I changed the sentence of the principal in the last panel after some concerns about the use of the word counselor in the comments.

  • Medical advisor: … and that’s why, from a medical viewpoint, a ban on insulin is utter nonsense!
  • Superintendent: Thank you for your statement, Dr. Feynes. I’m going to announce my decision after a short break.
  • Principal: That was an impressive plea. No doubt the school board is going to lift the ban on insulin now.
  • Medical advisor: Thank you for the compliment.
  • Principal: Yet, I’m somewhat confused.
  • Medical advisor: What? Why?
  • Medical advisor: Looks like we have another victim of Zero Tolerance. Namely, of my own zero tolerance against lethal stupidity, boogerbrain!
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