[0074] Rabid Escape

[0074] Rabid Escape

The current story arc started with this strip: Summer by the Lakeside.

(Well, it’s certainly understandable that Shadow is concerned, but at least someone was successful during the last mating season ;-).)

The name of Shadow’s wife is Echo. (Just in case you wonder why there is echo in the tags.)

  • Shadow: AUGH!!!
  • Kevin Dean: OW! MOM!
  • Tanya Dean: KEVIN!
  • Shadow: I’ve bitten a child. Completely unprovoked.
  • Shadow: I’m dead, dead, dead, dead.
  • Shadow: They’ll kill all foxes in the area to test them for rabies, including ol’ Flint and…
  • Shadow: “… my wife and kits.”
  • Echo: No hunting success this morning, darling?
  • Shadow: Been somewhat absent-minded…… Say, don’t you think that this territory has become pretty boring lately?
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