[0077] 10:27:42

[0077] 10:27:42

The current story arc started with this strip: Summer by the Lakeside.

Geez, Shadow has to work on his comforting skills.

While many of you might have an idea what might happen in the next strip I’d take nearly any bet that noone will get it exactly right.

Another filler to prepare everything for the great last four strips of the storyline.

  • Sandra: Back already?
  • Woo: We had an unplanned date with a hunter but we managed to escape.
  • Sandra: Better be careful and not go alone to the forest anymore. The new owner seems to be a mean one.
  • Woo: That doesn’t sound good. I hope nothing bad happens to Shadow and Sid.
  • Tanya Dean: Yes, you heard it right. 100 pieces!
  • Echo: The kits and I should move out? You’ve got another vixen, haven’t you?! {Sob}
  • Shadow: Believe me, Echo, it’s worse than that.
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