[0124] Doubletalk

[0124] Doubletalk

The current story arc started with this strip: Two Pieces of Cake.

After so many strips with straightforward humor this one needs to be given some thought when reading it. It’s also the first one of a couple of strips that don’t contain any kind of joke.

(Some sort of) SPOILER (that will perhaps help you to understand the strip if you don’t get its meaning; mark the white text with the mouse to read it):

At the beginning I [a non-native speaker, remember] wanted to use the word “booty” instead of “loot”, but decided against it after a Google Image search. The second meaning seems to have become the much more often used one and I wanted the ambiguity of Larisa’s rant to be subtle, not delivered with a sledgehammer.

  • Larisa: Don’t stand there like a stuffed dummy. Let’s go exploring! Or do you think the loot will fall into your lap?
  • Larisa: I don’t think I’ll ever get ahold of it, so I’m just playing around. But if you really believe in something you better not let the opportunity slip!
  • Larisa: Reading in a newspaper in a couple of years about some stupid bitch that found the treasure… That would suck, wouldn’t it?
  • Sandra: You’re right.
  • Sandra: …… Wait a minute…!
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