The Firestarter / Disaster Girl

Do you remember the photo of the young girl standing in front of a house fire with a suspicious smile I posted in a news entry last October? Well, I found out that the girl’s name is Zoe and that she had nothing to do with the fire which was started by the fire department itself for training. You can read the whole story behind the picture on the blog Traveling Roths of Zoe’s father Dave who took the photo. The original title of the picture is The Firestarter but it’s more commonly known as Disaster Girl. I think it’s a fantastic photo and I managed to get a 20” x 16” (50 cm x 40 cm) large print version of it. The signature in the lower left corner says: “For Oliver from Zoe & Dave”.

Firestarter / Disaster Girl poster
Thank you very much, Dave and Zoe!

Do I even have to mention that trying to put it in a frame nearly led to disaster? I made a bent in the print and the glass of the frame broke in two. Thankfully I had another glass of the same size. There’s now also some dust on the inside but I don’t dare to open that frame ever again…I guess all of this makes the print only more authentic. 😉

Design Update

Completely unrelated to that I made some minor updates to the design of the website. Most notably there’s now an explanation which HTML tags you can use when writing a comment.

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