[0171] Guilty As Defended

[0171] Guilty As Defended

The current story arc started with this strip: Slut.

Oh Larisa, I think you forgot that you also kissed Cloud… on the nose that is.

I have noticed that Larisa’s name is misspelled frequently in the comments: It’s written with just one “s”.

Of course, for society at large it is good that some guys just can’t keep their mouth shut during interrogations or in court… I mean people who dig their own grave this way usually *have* violated the law in some way.

“Slut” according to Urban Dictionary:

a woman with the morals of a man

LOL. The second definition on that page is also quite funny. It starts with “Someone who provides a very needed service for the community…” so don’t expect an explanation of the term that soccer moms would approve of. *g*

  • Sandra: Hey Liz, why so serious?
  • Larisa: That dumb cow Michelle called me a slut!
  • Sandra: Aw, come on, don’t listen t–
  • Larisa: She’s only saying that ’cause I like to dress sexy to appeal to boys. What’s slutty about that!? Please!?
  • Larisa: And anyway, I’m sure that I haven’t kissed more than a dozen boys in my life…
  • Larisa: … and not one of them meant much to me!
  • Sandra: Some people just shouldn’t try to defend themselves…
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