Sandra and Woo Search Strings

Like many (if not most) other website admins, I use Google Analytics to track the number of visitors and other stats of our website. Google Analytics also offers a comprehensive list of keywords that users typed into a search engine before clicking on the link to Sandra and Woo in the result list. Most of these keywords are rather boring, like “sandra woo”, “Sadnra & Whoo” or “comic strip raccoon”. Of course, there is also always a good number of visitors who were looking for Avril Lavigne getting undressed or Cloud and Tifa doing nasty things. But once in a while, some really weird keywords pop up in the list. I had a thorough look at all the keywords typed into a search engine since 1 October 2008 to present you the most bizarre ones here:

1. The Number Crunchers

  • 00 64
  • 0018 code
  • 0115
  • 0125
  • 26-0045

What kind of information were these people looking for? And why did they think they might find it on Sandra and Woo? The guy who searched for “0125” apparently found it since he looked at 27 pages afterwards.

2. The Specialists

Some people are very optimistic to find relevant comic strips about their preferred niche topic:

  • comic strip of carbon 14 dating
  • comic strip with moral according to ninth class [in contrast to grade 8 and grade 10 moral?]
  • comic strips showing two friends adventure using nouns that always plural in form and meaning dialog
  • comic strips with a hero, villain, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, flashbacks, problem and soultion
  • comic strips with many kinds of pronouns
  • comics strip about saving the world from harmful effect of plastic
  • comics strip about vapor pressure lowering
  • comics strip for sulfur cycle
  • cartoon strip about a sheep’s population change through the year
  • cartoon strip of the endocrine system
  • cartoon strip with respect to the torah teaching of parent – child relationship
  • funny comic strip about sedimentary rock
  • where can i find a comic strip of someone engaging in empathic listening?

3. The Endurance Athletes

Some people seem to enjoy browsing through the result pages until at least page # 1000. There is no other explanation for the fact that they eventually clicked on the entry for Sandra and Woo:

  • comic strip
  • messi
  • philipp lahm
  • strip
  • the joker
  • webcomic

4. The Mis-informed

Sometimes one just wonders: “What, in God’s name, has Sandra and Woo to do with this?”

  • bachelor magazine april 2010 “bachelor magazine”
  • what is the percentage of songs that have inappropriate contents or swear words written in 2010
  • what kind of questions do stupid people ask onliners [Many, many ones. This is one of them, for example.]
  • where to buy plumber’s snake

5. The Insane

I wonder if some of our visitors might be actually insane:

  • apparently when you mix cough syrup and yodels together you get acid
  • biophosphoradelecrystalluminescence
  • communist russia hate comic strips
  • ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff [124 f’s, not one less or more]
  • funny animal abuse comics [I just can’t get it into my mind why one would search specifically for “funny” animal abuse comics.]
  • funny comics on child labour [dito]
  • what could i do for a comic strip on holes

6. The Others

Here are some more search strings which don’t fit into one of the other categories, but which are nonetheless funny:

  • 33 posts and 25 images omitted. click reply to view. [Why would anyone ever search for this? I’m completely lost.]
  • blow up brasilia [The Brazilian police has been informed!]
  • goddamn vuvuzelas [The only search string on this page I can support wholeheartedly!]
  • good compliments for ugly dresses
  • is the word woo in the bible
  • sandra and woo is creepy [Not as creepy as some of its visitors!]
  • what hurts webcomics? [Not supporting the artists!]

7. The Filthy

Okay, let’s just skip over all the people who searched for sex in all shapes and forms, and just have a look at those with very specific tastes:

  • bookwyrms rule34
  • facehugger rule 34
  • fit girls stripping like theres no tomorrow
  • hypnotized to strip videos
  • pornographic webcomics self sufficient [Someone is looking for a new career.]
  • [This website does not exist. Thank God!]

However, this list isn’t complete withouth the people who think it’s a good idea to search for child porn at Google and then click on a result whose link title starts with “Sandra and Woo | Webcomic Online Comic Strip |”:

  • 7yo hot sandra girl pass
  • child strip see pussy
  • hot child girls strip
  • … there are more search strings like this; they also seem to contain specific keywords that probably shouldn’t be posted on a public website, though

Surprisingly, there is still one non-pervert on the internet left. He seems to have made bad experiences in the past, though:

  • online comic brother sister -incest

But the big winner is certainly the guy who thought that typing an egregious accusation against Powree into the Google search bar will get the Indonesian cyberpolice involved… Haha, I guess it was just a bad joke of one of her friends.

  • sandra and woo artist molested a school boy

You can find even more bizarre search strings in this thread about the subject at the Webcomic List forum.

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