[0200] Excuses A Plus

[0200] Excuses A Plus

Woo, the 200th strip!

This strip is one of the favorites of my mom and I hope you like it too.

One of these excuses was actually used by one of my classmates when I was still going to school. Oh, and Larisa refers to a different excuse in the last panel as the “true” one. This does not mean that it must be actually true, of course. 😉

  • Caption: Biology
  • Teacher: Why didn’t you do your homework, Larisa?
  • Larisa: I did, but my father ate it. As part of his performance art project “JUST EAT IT!”
  • Caption: Geography
  • Larisa: I’m sorry, but the government of Malta has prohibited the release of my homework since it contains information that threatens the national security of the country.
  • Caption: English
  • Larisa: You see, we’re currently fixing up our house and my homework got sealed in somehow while
    repapering my room.
  • Caption: History
  • Larisa: I didn’t have the time to do it since I had to help the NSA with the test of their latest project. It’s based on super-secret tracking technology and waffles.
  • Caption: Math
  • Larisa: Liar!! You said I’d never have to do homework again if I kept our affair a secret!
  • Larisa: I know what you’re thinking, but one of my excuses was actually true!
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