Auction for digital art commission by Powree

Commissioned artwork drawn by Powree

Powree started an auction on Furbuy for a digital commission. As you may know — since you’re a reader of Sandra and Woo — Powree can draw almost everything, but for this commission she prefers to draw an anthro/animal character in a sci-fi setting. But it can also be a fantasy/real life/etc. setting if you want.

So if you want a Powree™ drawing of your character this is the chance to get one. There are still ten days until the end of the auction on 19/20 December (depending on your location) so there is some time to think about it:

  • US Pacific Daylight Time: 19:39:09 (7:39:09 p.m.) – Sunday
  • US Eastern Daylight Time: 22:39:09 (10:39:09 p.m.) – Sunday
  • Great Britain: 03:39:09 (3:39:09 a.m.) – Monday
  • Central European Time: 04:39:09 (4:39:09 a.m.) – Monday
  • Indonesia – Java: 10:39:09 (10:39:09 a.m.) – Monday
  • Australia East: 14:39:09 (2:39:09 p.m.) – Monday
  • more countries

Here is the complete auction text. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

You are bidding for a digital art commission by Powree, the artist of the webcomic Sandra and Woo. Here are the details for this auction:


I can draw almost everything, but for this commission I prefer to draw an anthro/animal character in a sci-fi setting. But it can also be a fantasy/real life/etc. setting if you want.

If the auction reaches the following threshold, I’ll add the following features:

>= $100: detailed background
>= $150: second character

The content of the drawing must not contain explicit adult material.

This is a DIGITAL commission and you will only get the image file. I live in Indonesia and don’t own a good printer so sending you a print of the drawing would be complicated.

The size of the image file will be around 3000 x 2000 pixel depending on the preferred aspect ratio.

Have a look at the drawings posted above for pieces of similar style and quality.


1) After the auction ends, send me the payment via PayPal. My PayPal account name is

2) Send me an e-mail to with the details what I should draw. Give me a description and (if possible) references of the character(s), or anything else that might be helpful. If you should forget something important, I might not be able to change it later.

3) I will draw a sketch of the commissioned artwork according to your description and send it to you by e-mail for any corrections (if needed).

4) Once I started coloring after incorporating the changes, I will not be able to do any major changes anymore. Just small stuff like changing the eye color or adding a scar.

5) After the coloring is finished, I will send you the artwork by e-mail.

If you reply fast and nothing unexpected happens, I can do the whole picture in around 2 weeks.


You may use the commissioned picture for any non-commercial purpose. This means you can put it on your website, in various digital art galleries or print it out and hang it on your wall.

However, it is not okay to use the artwork commercially without my prior consent which usually requires paying an additional fee depending on the kind of use. This includes selling prints of the artwork, using it for the cover of a magazine, etc.

I will retain the same non-commercial reproduction rights and may put the picture on personal websites or art galleries. I will not use your commission for any commercial purposes unless I have your permission to do so.

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