Results of the Fanart Contest 2011

After a slow start, I received a lot of great entries for the first Sandra and Woo fanart contest during the last weeks.

Let’s begin the countdown of the best entries with the places 6 to 10 (in no particular order). All of these pictures would have deserved to win a prize, but unfortunately for their creators there were some pictures I liked even more.

by Garrett Williams

by Simon Ladd

by Tony Kinnard

by Tim Decker

by Willie O’ Brien

Place 5 and $10 go to Jonathan A. Ringor for this picture of Sandra and Cloud cosplaying as Yuna and, well, Cloud. I really like Sandra’s expression in this one.

Place 4 and $15 go to Andreas Nilsson for this nicely drawn picture of Sandra, Larisa and Woo enjoying a trip to a lake.

Place 3 and $25 go to Liliana Fernandez Mullins for the most interesting piece of the competition. Why is Sandra sitting on a bowl of water? Why is the tree hanging full of light bulbs? Maybe Liliana will enlighten us in the comment section.

Place 2 and $50 go to Alan Hong for the most dynamic picture that really manages to capture the speed of Sandra and Woo during their way downhill. I also like the shiny colors in this one.

But place 1 and $100 inarguably go to Solveig Hepp for this marvelously picture of Sandra and Woo going to a picnic. Sandra seems to have gone a bit overboard while packing, and Woo is not *really* helping her to pull the wagon up the hill.

All winners should send me an e-mail to with their Paypal account (or German bank account) information so that I can send them the prize money.

But let’s not forget the other entries. Several readers even send several pieces:

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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