[0294] Homecoming II

[0294] Homecoming II

The current story arc started with this strip: A New Adventure.

Larisa once again shows her love for long sentences.

I hope that strips like this one make it obvious that I don’t share all the opinions of my characters.

  • Jelena: How was the trip?
  • Larisa: … Exciting.
  • Jelena: Exciting?? You didn’t burn the forest down, did you?
  • Larisa: Nooo…
  • Jelena: And you’re still a virgin?
  • Larisa: Yeah…
  • Jelena: That’s all I need to know. Bye!
  • Larisa: The secret to an easy life is to lower the expectations of your parents to the point where they’re happy as long as you’re not sleeping with a drug dealer.
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