Results of the Fanart Contest 2012

After a slow start, I once again received a good number of great entries for the Sandra and Woo and Gaia fanart contest 2012. Since I also wanted to acknowledge clever ideas, I put two pictures on the places 4 and 5 which weren’t drawn as well as some of the other ones.

Let’s begin the countdown of the best entries with the places 6 to 10 (in alphabetical order). All of them would have deserved to win a prize, but there were some pictures I liked even more.

by Ann Chua

by Anne Zimmermann

by Giulia Beck

by JoeL

by Daniel Lee

Place 5 goes to Katrin Dort for her interpretation of the theme “dogs carnivores playing poker”. As one can see, the stakes are high and unwilling.

Place 4 goes to Willie O’ Brien for this sweet drawing of Woo giving sweets to his mate Lily. There’s nothing better than candied bugs! If you’re raccoon, of course.

Place 3 goes to Yenny Laud for the technically best drawn picture of all contestants. It looks like Cloud’s love life is really under constant surveillance of his two personal “Big Brother”s Yuna and Ye Thuza.

Place 2 goes to Jessica Chiba, the creator of the webcomic The Cat and the Fiddle for the following drawing of Sandra, Cloud, Woo and Larisa. It’s a picture that gives you a good feeling after a rough day since you can feel how much fun they have.

Place 1 goes to Archie The RedCat for this drawing of Sandra and Woo going for a walk in the forest. It deserves the big prize for the great lighting and the lovely drawing of Sandra. She would certainly adore this flattering portrait of her. Archie also send a nice drawing of Lilith which you can see below.

All winners should send me an e-mail to with their Paypal account or German bank account information so that I can send them the prize money. In a pinch, I could also send the money with Alertpay and the payment service formerly known as Moneybookers. But that will take a while.

Here are all the other entries I received. Several readers even send several pieces:

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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