[0508] We Need To Talk

[0508] We Need To Talk

Since this week’s strips are just re-runs from last week, I decided to also post all commissioned wallpapers used as voting incentives on TopWebComics! on SandraAndWoo.com for the first time over the course of this and the next week. Here are the wallpapers #9 to #12.

Click on the preview images to download the wallpapers. They were drawn by: Hofarts, Wanaca, Spoofee Pandah, Exarrdian.

In addition, here are two more wallpapers drawn by Powree:

  • Ye Thuza: Honey?
  • David: Yes?
  • Ye Thuza: We need to talk!
  • David: About what?
  • Ye Thuza: About whether we should eat the sushi before or after having some “fun” in the bedroom.
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