Results of the fanart contest 2014 – Part 1

Our yearly Sandra and Woo and Gaia fanart contest was once again a huge success! We even received more submissions than last year, 68 pieces of artwork in total! Because of that I decided to present all drawings in three separate updates. On Sunday, 6 July 2014, I will post the submissions that reached the places 25 to 13. On Wednesday, 9 July 2014, I will present the top 12, including the six winners of prize money. I can already promise that the drawing of this year’s main winner is absolutely breath-taking! 🙂 I hope that none of the artists listed below is sad that he didn’t make it into the top 6. There’ll be another chance next year and I may also introduce two special awards for the funniest resp. the most innovative submission.

The following submissions are ordered alphabetically. The artists’ names are colored red if a link to their personal website is available. Show your support by visiting the artists’ websites and/or writing a comment in the comment section of this blog post!

by Ádám Bedrossian
I think the magical blue bird looks very nice, but the characters’ anatomy is a somewhat wonky so Ádám’s drawing narrowly missed the top 25. But it’s definitely a good drawing to start this list of submissions!
[Artist’s comment: I imagined what a girl with Lilith’s power and Larisa’s spirit would do, so I decided to draw a huge firebird.]

by Ashley Rampertab

by Austin Stevens

by Ben Jeffries

by Bridget Howard

by Claire Fadness

by CommonERA

by Danielle Waugh
[Artist’s comment: The title of my submission is “Wishing For a Friend”.]

by Elizabeth Salad

by Evan Fawcett
It’s nice to see that Butterfly is also featured in a piece of fanart.

by Gabriella Poirier

by Hope Jeffries

by Hope Jeffries

by Jacquelyne Caldwell

by Jacquelyne Caldwell

by Jessy Henderhan

by Joshua

by Joshua Stamford
While this artwork showing Woo as a human is drawn well, I think it’s also a bit arbitrary without additional context.

by Joxtray

by Julie Levy
Lily meets Lili. I’m surprised that no one else has done this before.

by Kasmen Gamble

by Kayla Keener

by Krazywiz
[Artist’s comment: Pit (Kid Icarus) has a pet raccoon, his name is Woo.]

by Kymrie Dinsmore

by Madison Evans
While I find this joke to be quite funny, I almost excluded Madison’s submission from the fanart contest because I just don’t see the physical resemblance of his characters to Woo and, in particular, Lily.

by Meadow Mcgalliard

by Nina Bird
This clever crossover was very close to make it into the top 25, but the quality of the artwork is just lacking a bit. Funnier facial expressions would still have helped a lot, I think.
[Artist’s comment: I have to leave the country tomorrow and am out of time. I considered just sending it after the contest ended, but then I’d never finish it and the “plot” would be completely out-of-date.]

by Riley Hulick
Sandra and Woo look really cute.
[Artist’s comment: The first submission is a parody of a painting of Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson.]

by Riley Hulick
Apart from these two, Riley also sent a third submission which made it into the top 25.
[Artist’s comment: I threw the third submission together as an afterthought of the second. It’s an instance of the “Shrugpony” meme. I don’t at all expect it to win, but hope it makes you folks smile.]

by Robert Olson
[Artist’s comment: I am submitting an artwork of Lilith & Eldor in a blood thirsted battle.]

by Samuel Oceans
Samuel’s drawing of the Gaia cast was also close to reach the top 25.

by Sha

by Simon Ladd (Blitz)
[Artist’s comment: I kind of feel bad that the idea […] won’t make any sense to anyone who didn’t watch Digimon as a kid.]

by Stephen Romney

by Vanessa Hawley
I love the idea.
[Artist’s comment: A painting of Larisa meditating on the sun.]

by Victoria Tubo
[Artist’s comment: The title is “With Friends Like These”.]

by Wertyx Cabal Royale Flush’s Moderator

by Willie O’ Brien
Willie was one of the winners of the fanart contest 2012 with this very funny drawing of Woo and Lily.

by Yana Mihailova

by Zoe Prescott

by Zsolt Gyurgyó
I like the colors in Zsolt’s drawing.

by Zsolt Gyurgyó

Last but not least, our reader Joxtray also sent the following animation which I uploaded to YouTube. I quite like the catchy classical tune, but I can’t really count an instrumental piece of music as Gaia related fanart, so I decided against placing it in my top 25:

I initially forgot to post the following drawing by Hannah Hawthorn when presenting the submissions:

by Hannah Hawthorn (website)

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