Results of the artwork contest 2016 – Places 26+

Our yearly Sandra and Woo and Gaia artwork contest ended last Saturday. The extension of the submission period paid off: The number of sumissions almost doubled to 67 in total! I really didn’t expect that and am very grateful for it. Today, I’m showing you all the entries that didn’t make it into the top 25. There are some really nice drawings among them, so you should definitely check them out as well. I will create two other news posts for the places 11 to 25 and the top 10 later this week.

The following list of submissions starts with the eight submissions placed on position 26+ which I liked the most, in alphabetical order. The subsequent submissions are then ordered alphabetically again. The artists’ names are colored in red if a link to their personal website is available. Show your support by visiting the artists’ websites and/or writing a comment in the comment section of this blog post!

To our gold and diamond patrons: I will offer a convenient download archive containing all submissions in their original size after the end of the contest.

by Ihuoma Ohanaka
I like the cutesy art style. Unfortunately, the lines have noticable aliasing artifacts.

by Matthew May
[Artist’s comment: Taken inspiration from classic Noir movie posters.]

by Maximiliano Penna
The quality of the individual drawings varies a bit too much in Maximiliano’s entry for a spot in the top 25.
[Artist’s comment: I dressed up Cloud, Sandra, Larisa and Woo like characters from the Ace Attorney video games. I thought it would be a fun crossover because I love both franchises!]

by Oliver Barber
Oliver’s drawing shows that a good drawing technique doesn’t secure you a spot in the top 25 when the general idea for the picture just doesn’t work with the depicted character(s). Since Oliver’s other great drawing of Sandra and Woo is high up in the top 10, he should be able to get over the low placement of this one fast. There is also an alternative version without blood.
[Artist’s comment: I really wanted to help bolster your number of entries in any way I could so I drew this rather upsetting image of Lilith. Lilith is stuck inside a mirror looking on at her friends beng slaughtered. That was the idea, the broken glass is where a spell or a piece of shrapnel broke it. I drew it because It was how I felt when my friend died (like a useless spectator).]

by Philippe
Philippe’s nice pencil drawing would have profited from scanning it properly.

by Thomas Sem Frisli
Thomas submitted three entries, and this is the best one in my opinion.
[Artist’s comment: Combining 2 things I love, Legend of Zelda and Sandra and Woo.]

by Elin Ståhl
Another nice traditional drawing that would have profited from scanning it properly. I like the triangle symbol on Viviana’s hand.
[Artist’s comment: A picture of a slitghtly older Viviana in all her queenly-glory :). Painted with ProMarkers and watercolours.]

by Sandy Tanudjaja
This is a seriously cute drawing.
[Artist’s comment: Here’s Sandra and Cloud cosplaying as Final Fanatasy VII: Advent Children Tifa and… Cloud.]

by Adam Chastan

by BluePringlez
I’m quite fond of the idea for Larisa’s dress, especially of the happy, burning sun. But the execution of the idea is just not good enough for the top 25.

by Brooklyn Beck
The magic effect looks interesting.
[Artist’s comment: The picture was done with acrylic paints.]

by David Friedman

by Elin Ståhl
I expected even more Pokémon themed submissions.
[Artist’s comment: A picture of Sandra as a Pokémon Go trainer :).]

by Erilin-Neptunus
Butterfly with butterflies. I like the idea and I’m always happy to see fanart of Butterfly since she’s one of my favorite characters. But the drawing is a bit too simple for the top 25.

by Evan McKinley
While the idea for this submission is certainly good, the final result also comes with at least one glaring problem: The goddess of the raccoons, the animal species known for its mischievousness and bandit mask, is depicted as LAWFUL good?!? No, Sir, I don’t think so! (If you remember, in her first apperance she ordered Woo to steal Sandra’s cake.)
[Artist’s comment: My entry, “Our Valued Employees”, depicts a plaque in Elysium.]

by Genevieve Rose

by Genevieve Rose

by Hafeth Wadi

by Julie Kohler
This is a nice drawing of a real raccoon. But it doesn’t look like Woo at all.

by Julie Levy
Pokémon fans may appreciate this one in particular. I like the matching tails.

by Kara Russell

by Kes von Mauseohr
This is a very cute drawing of a baby raccoon. But it doesn’t really look much like Woo which is always a particular issues for drawings featuring just one character.
[Artist’s comment: This is what Woo may have looked like as a baby.]

by Klara Stock
After several years of these fanart contests, I’ve come to the conclusion that oil on canvas is an incredibly tough choice of medium for depicting cartoon characters.
[Artist’s comment: On the one hand, we’ve got Larisa who’s determined to save Sandra (and playing with fire… again) and on the other hand there’s Sandra who I’m pretty sure would be horrified by what Larisa has gotten herself into again. I tried to stay with a colour scheme for each but also mixed the main colours (red for Larisa, blue for Sandra) up a bit when drawing the hair because I guess I’ve always seen Sandra and Larisa as kinda two sides of the same coin; because as different as they are they do have lots of stuff in common. It also seems that it’s pretty hard to get skin colour with a blueish undertone, resulting in Sandra looking a bit ill. But I mean she’s basically dying so it seemed appropriate. Also, mixing blue and red for a proper purple is not as easy as one might think but it think kinda worked for the eyes.]

by Kuin D

by Laura Nungaray

by Leo Capella
Since reading a story actually takes some time, I have to caution you against reading this short story of a meeting between Gradus and Salacea from Gaia. The writing has several severe issues that overshadow the interesting story idea.
[Artist’s comment: Here is my entry for the artwork contest 2016 which is a short piece of fanfiction for Gaia: “Blooding a Queen, Making a Monarch”. I wrote it because having read pages 25 to 30 of Monster, I was intrigued by the rainbow knife of Asram and also Jael Bara’s path to the throne. As a politics graduate, I also like an interesting debate too.]

by Lily She-Yin
This entry reminded me of Riley Hulick’s drawing from the artwork contest 2014 which also features a body switch between Sandra and Woo.
[Artist’s comment: ARTIST_COMMENT]

by Mackenzie Stricklin

by Marcia Wilson
This drawing mimics almost exactly the last panel of the Sandra and Woo strip Larisa vs. Sushi.
[Artist’s comment: Sandra takes Larisa out for sushi. I love the idea of Larisa having a Zippo Lighter, but she would probably think it was too tiny, so I made a Zappo. Plus, I love the idea of her dressed as a Riverboat Gambler. Sandra is, in the meantime, wondering what in the world she was thinking and hoping the chopsticks are made out of pawlonia – you know, “The wood that doesn’t burn.”]

by Meadow Mcgalliard

by Mohamed Iddeen Shah Ishak

by Saul Watson

by Saul Watson
The sky and the birds look great, but the drawing quality of the characters just can’t keep up with that.

by Scott North
I failed to post this submission by Scott for last year’s contest. So here it is.

by Scott North
Scott also submitted a new entry for this year’s contest. Just like in the submission above, the environment looks better than the characters.
[Artist’s comment:I present this year in the contest: “Moonlight Walk”. Hand drawn and digitally painted in Photoshop.]

by Stuart Green
This drawing is based on the Sandra and Woo strip If you miss an update, you may at least insult your readers.
[Artist’s comment: I only really draw with pencil and never ink, so this was challenging.]

by Thalia Blackney


by Thomas Sem Frisli
Woo certainly would not agree with Sandra here. Garbage is a very touchy subject among raccoons.
[Artist’s comment: This is my cartoon animation made with flipaclip.]

by Thomas Sem Frisli
[Artist’s comment: This one is inspired by the posters of my favorite movie series, Lord of the Rings.]

by Victoria Jackman
[Artist’s comment: For my piece, I decided to draw what Sandra and her friends would look like as teenagers. Larisa is even more rebellious than she was before; as seen by her hair, tattoo, and a bag that may or may not contain a flamethrower. She would also be an activist for children with terminal illnesses. Sandra is still the bright, caring, enthusiastic girl that we all know and love. I think she would have a career in forest conservation, thanks to Woo, or mathematics. Sandra and Cloud are still together; he’s still an adept swordsman and video gamer and he’ll probably be an ambassador for Burma(Myanmar) and Sandra’s husband sometime in the future.]

by Wesley Hunt

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