[1000] The 1017th Sandra and Woo Strip

[1000] The 1017th Sandra and Woo Strip

Click on the following thumbnail to download a wallpaper of the last panel:

Wallpaper of the 1017th Sandra and Woo strip

I hope this strip satisfies your sky-high expectations for the 1000th/1017th Sandra and Woo strip. The next strip will be published on Friday.

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  • Sandra: Hello! We’re interrupting the current story to celebrate the publication of the 1000th “Sandra and Woo” strip!
  • Yuna: Actually, it’s the 1017th strip. Give or take two.
  • Sandra: Excuse me?
  • Yuna: There’s no reason to count the 17 strips published between the 10th and 26th of November 2016 as just one strip. It also makes no sense to count the strip “Freedom! Justice! Cookies!”, but not the strip “Mouse Cake Is Best Cake!”
  • Yuna: Quod erat demonstrandum!
  • Sandra: Spoilsport!
  • Sandra: To celebrate the event–
  • Yuna: Wait, there’s more!
  • Sandra: Say what!?
  • Yuna: The number 1000 isn’t any more important than 999 or 1001. The decimal system is an artificial construct that only prevailed for historical reasons. In the much more natural binary system, today’s strip would be numbered 1111101000.
  • Yuna: As you can see, there’s no reason for festivities today. You can all go home and study for the physics test next week instead!
  • Sandra: Cloud, asking for permission to whoop your twisted little sister.
  • Cloud: Permission granted!
  • Yuna: Hey, ouch! Leggo!
  • Sign: The festivities will begin in the next panel. Please bear with us.
  • Caption: NOT YET – THE END
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