[1035] The Fourth Circle Of Hell

[1035] The Fourth Circle Of Hell

I’m not bitter of anything, nooooooo…

Here is a repost of the most interesting parts of the latest Kickstarter update:

PDFs in full resolution

I have decided to offer all PDFs in their original full resolution!

The reason for this is that I was not satisfied with the display quality of the originally offered reduced resolution in a test. This would have been contrary to my goal to offer the best possible product. You can think of it as reaching a stretch goal that has never been announced.

Artist reactions

I have sent a PDF of the art book to the featured artists and here are some reactions:

  • “I have downloaded the sample and that is an awesome art book!”
  • “The book is looking great, Oliver!”
  • “BRUUHHH THIS BOOK LOOKS FIIRRREEE!!! Love it! U done so well putting this whole project together. […] Thanks again for adding my fan art in this amazing project. I’ll be getting a copy of this book myself!”
  • Boss: Richard, as you know we need to ship these twenty parcels to our customers in the Netherlands by the end of this week.
  • Boss: One option is we could ship them with USPS’ Priority Mail Express International™ service.
  • Richard: Certainly.
  • Boss: Or you could drive to New York, fly to Amsterdam with the parcels in your luggage, rent a car at the airport, drive around in Holland to deliver the parcels, stay two days in a hotel, fly back to New York, and drive back home.
  • Richard: You gotta be kidding me–
  • Boss: … Which would be $476 cheaper according to my calculations.
  • Richard: — Wait, what…?
  • Scrooge McDuck: I’m in awe, but also slightly repulsed.
  • Sign: United States Postal Service – A Flintheart Glomgold company
  • Caption: Example calculationTrip costs:
    Gasoline: $60 for 400 km in the United States at $0.80 per liter + 400 km in the Netherlands at $1.93 per liter.
    Flight: $389 for a round trip from New York to Amsterdam on 4 December 2018 and back on 6 December 2018 with Norwegian Airlines.
    Baggage fees: $114 for one carry-on bag at 10 kg and two suitcases at 20kg each.
    Rented car: $179 for an Opel Astra station wagon from SIXT for two days.
    Hotel: $179 for two days in the XO Hotels Couture, Amsterdam.
    Miscellaneous: $132 for additional fees and costs.
    $1059 in totalPostage costs:
    $1,535 for 20 parcels at $76.75 each.
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