[1093] Die Flut (The Flood)

[1093] Die Flut (The Flood)

This is the little piece of #&@% who is responsible for the destruction of Nuremberg:

Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

Why not take the opportunity and listen to one of the best German songs, that has the same title: Die Flut by Joachim Witt and Peter Heppner.

  • Radio: Central Europe resembles a powder keg. Germany stumbles aimlessly towards the abyss. Terrorist acts by unlawful Liechtensteiner combatants have become part of daily life.
  • TV: The siege of Stuttgart by the Swiss army continues. Meanwhile, the battles between royalist Bavarians and republican Swabians have spread to Austria.
  • Radio: The troops of the Swedish king Carl Gustav have crossed the river Main and are carrying out massacres on the Bavarian civilian population. Hundreds of thousands are on the run.
  • TV: Germany lies in ruins. France is on the verge of collapse. Millions of refugees are on their way to America.
  • Sandra: Holy shit…!
  • Smartphone: They’re here!
  • Caption: DIE FLUT (THE FLOOD)
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