[1318] Thoughts, Prayers, And Money

[1318] Thoughts, Prayers, And Money

Proof of my donation.

I personally donated to the National Bank of Ukraine’s fundraising account to support the armed forces of Ukraine at https://ukraine.ua/news/donate-to-the-nbu-fund/
The web page contains the necessary info to make a money transfer in USD, GBP, EUR or UAH to bank accounts in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, or Ukraine.

An alternative bank account of the Ukrainian government is listed at https://ukraine.ua/news/support-the-armed-forces-of-ukraine/

COME BACK ALIVE is a charity that supports Ukraine’s armed forces and donations can be made at https://savelife.in.ua/en/donate/

Donations for purely humanitarian aid can be given for example to Nova Ukraine at https://novaukraine.org/

  • Larisa: We wish all the best to our brave brothers and sisters in Ukraine who so bravely oppose Putin’s terrorists!
  • Sandra: Russian deserters and demonstrators, you’re real heroes too!
  • Larisa: Do you know what’s even better than sending thoughts and prayers?
  • Sandra: No, what?
  • Larisa: Donating to Ukraine’s fund for the logistical and medical support of its army at https://ukraine.ua/news/donate-to-the-nbu-fund/
  • Woo: Novil donated €1000 today!
  • Sign: Further details below.
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