[0045] The Dark Side Of The Force

[0045] The Dark Side Of The Force

The current story arc started with this strip: People Like You and Me.

If you are a new reader, be sure to check out the previous comic to fully understand this one.

I am sure my father will love this comic. He hates Tweety even more than I do. And I’ve always rooted for Sylvester. But let’s face it: Sylvester was incompetent to the core! He had so many chances to put Tweety into his mouth and bite off some important body parts. But he was always too slow or stupid to take the chance. Woo is not such a loser. Woo is a competent carnivore.

  • Woo: You’re feeling totally secure in your locked cage, eh?
  • Tweety: Of tourse.
  • Woo: I’m quoting: “To reach the morsel of food, the raccoons had to open several complex locks. It became apparent that the animals…”
  • Woo: “… needed less than 10 tries to open 11 out of 13 locks.”
  • Tweety: Uh oh.
  • Sandra: I have no idea what you did, but it was as if one voice was suddenly silenced, and millions suddenly cried out in joy.
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