My grandma died today

My grandmother died today. Despite her worsening physical condition over the last few years, her death came rather sudden. At least she didn’t have to suffer. But it was nonetheless a terrible week for my family. I had a very good relationship to her, especially during my childhood.

Poll results

From 7 June 2015 to 2 July 2016, the following nine polls ran on the Sandra and Woo website. All of them received over 1,400 votes and now it’s time to present the results.

Poll from 7 Juny 2015:

Poll Nr. 82

I also like autumn best. It’s like spring without hay fever.

Poll from 7 Juny 2015:

Poll Nr. 83

Unsurprisingly, colored comics received the most votes. But many people also like black and white comics. Only 3% of all voters prefer non-traditional artwork.

Poll from 7 Juny 2015:

Poll Nr. 84

Way too many people are still oblivious about the many ways Skub can improve their lives!

Poll from 7 Juny 2015:

Poll Nr. 85

People want Zoey and Michelle. Instead I gave them Luna and Ruth. That’s the opposite of selling out, I guess. 😉

Poll from 7 Juny 2015:

Poll Nr. 86

No surprise about #1 here, but The West Identity was a solid story arc that was well received so I’m a bit surprised that it got only 6% of all the votes.

Poll from 24 October 2015:

Poll Nr. 87

28% of our readers want to be verbally abused by their talking cat. Only 14% want to be able to talk with man’s best friend. Sometimes I don’t understand people. 😉

Poll from 24 October 2015:

Poll Nr. 88

Similar polls in the past have shown as well that, for some reason that I don’t understand, the readership of Sandra and Woo consists of bookworms that aren’t into movies.

Poll from 24 October 2015:

Poll Nr. 89

I think the only positive thing I can say about this roster is that they’re at least very different from each other.

Poll from 24 October 2015:

Poll Nr. 90

I didn’t get the impression that webcomics have become more popular in recent years, so lots of people who read less webcomics than before must not have taken part in the poll.

There are four new polls that appear randomly in the voting widget in the left sidebar:

  • Which of the following story arcs did you like the most?
  • How many other comedy webcomics do you read regularly?
  • Do you also read Gaia?
  • Do you go to comic conventions?

My visit of the Comic Con Stuttgart 2016

I visited the 1st edition of the Comic Con Stuttgart last weekend on Saturday. I had a great time and will certainly come back next year, maybe playing a more active role than just that of a regular visitor. I met a couple of other German comic artists, a few Sandra and Woo fans, and saw a lot of cosplayers with great costumes. In this post, you can have a look at all the photos I took and my commentary for each one. You can click on each photo to see a larger version of it.

Comic Con Stuttgart 2016

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I need some help regarding “Sagaland”/”Enchanted Forest”

I need a little help regarding a future Sandra and Woo strip. I’d like to know how a winning position in the board game “Sagaland”/“Enchanted Forest” (pic 1, pic 2, more pics) would look like when it’s played by 2 players. Can someone provide a sketch or describe it? My e-mail address in The last move of the winning player would be looking under a tree, right?

A winning position of a similarly looking board game for 2 players and corresponding last move of the winning player would also be okay.

I got a good answer to my question. Thank you, dobbs.

Visiting the Comic Con Stuttgart on Saturday

Here’s some info about my visit of the Comic Con Stuttgart next Saturday for our German readers:

Ich werde diesen Samstag, 25. Juni 2016, wahrscheinlich der Comic Con Stuttgart einen Besuch abstatten. Allerdings nur als Besucher, nicht als Aussteller. Sollte es Leute geben, die Lust haben, mich zu treffen, mögen diese hier bitte einen kurzen Kommentar hinterlassen. In dem Fall könnte man einen Treffpunkt ausmachen. Ich werde jedenfalls mein Woo-T-Shirt tragen und zum Beispiel den Stand von Sarah Burrini (1F58 und 1F59 gegenüber Panini) besuchen.