Comments from Kickstarter backers about the books

The cover pages for the U.S. versions of the books have arrived in Germany. As expected, they have made their way into the customs office in the neighboring town. I will try to get them in the following days.

I will also purchase a new stencil sheet that includes an additional bridge at the top of Larisa’s head which was a very problematic area when creating the stencils for the international versions.

Here are comments from backers who received the international version(s) of our books:

I have not read everything yet but what I have seen so far looks amazing. Very good quality.
I was surprised by how heavy the whole story book actually is.

[…] The cherry on top is that I did not just receive a recollection of strips, but plenty of side information, drafts…
I am just amazed, I am absolutely in awe

I am really happy about it. Great work!

I honestly didn’t expect there to be so many little (and big) notes and info tidbits. It really adds to how the comic was made. The anthology is much much more than just a collection of the strips, it has real history!
So glad I backed you!

My book arrived today, sensibly packaged and in good condition.
I am also very happy with the quality of the book and just want to genuinely say thank you for giving me the opportunity to own this collection.

Books came few days ago.
They look great!

My books arrived last Thursday
They look wonderful

Hi, got the books now and they are totally awesome, they are so beautifully made and it is a delight to read your notes around some of the strips and the sketches from Powree. I’m really happy about this great and beautiful addition to my library.

Back in Germany

After an exciting, eventful and exhausting vacation in Japan I’m now back in Germany. Unfortunately, I immediately caught a cold since it was awfully cold in the airplane on the way back home.

Updates will be irregular in the next weeks since I also have to work on the fulfillment of the Kickstarter campaign regarding the books for our American backers.

Only one update next week

There will be only one update next week. I did not have time to think about new strip ideas in the last weeks and I’ve now completely run out of material. Things will return to normal after my return from my Japan trip in mid-April.

Posting from Japan

As you may know I’ve been on a vacation in Japan for 5 days now and will stay here until 12 April. I will write new Sandra and Woo strips and Gaia pages whenever I find time. Until my return, Powree will create the image files for the website. So please be prepared for minor errors in styling and lettering until I’m back again.

Books for international customers will be shipped soon!

International version

If you’ve followed my Kickstarter diary, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been working tirelessly during the last weeks to make the international versions of the Sandra and Woo books ready for shipment before my Japan trip from 17 March to 13 April.

Today, all books for customers outside the United States have been picked up by UPS that will deliver them to my distribution partner Aimplify which is located in Sondershausen, Thüringen, Germany.

Aimplify will carry out an additional address check to avoid any delivery issues. You will soon receive an email from <> with the subject “Sandra and Woo – shipping starts soon”. Don’t forget to check your SPAM folder in the following days.

This email from Aimplify will contain detailed information about the shipping, how to change your address if necessary or how to put the shipment on hold if you’re not at home. If you still have any questions about your shipment after reading their email, please drop Aimplify a line at and put “Sandra and Woo” into the subject.

U.S. version

I will work on the books for our U.S. customers after my Japan trip. I have instructed our U.S. printer Ka-Blam to send me the covers in a way so that they arrive here in Germany a short time after my return from my vacation. Once I’ve received them, I will add my signature to all covers and the stencil to all covers used for Special Editions. I will then send the covers back to Ka-Blam who will then print the interior pages and send the finished books to all U.S. customers.