[0142 B] Payback Time

[0142 B] Payback Time

The current story arc started with this strip: Unfavorable Comparison. However, this strip also includes a reference to the story arc which started with the strip The Dark Knight.

UPDATE (1 March 2010): I have split this strip in two seperate parts after coming to the conclusion that they don’t work together that well. You can see the first part, which serves as the definite end of the story arc which started with the strip Two Pieces of Cake, here:

[0142 A] Payback Time

  • Boy: … Wow, never thought that you would play such a mean trick on your girlfriend. What does it feel like to be single again?
  • Cloud: Nah, we’re still together.
  • Boy: No kidding, you’re still together?! She must be a total slave to you!
  • Cloud: Well…
  • Cloud: Why do I have to play the bad boy that hacked your account?
  • Sandra: You think anybody would believe me otherwise, … Joker?!
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