[0505] Death To Infidels

[0505] Death To Infidels

Have you already seen my blog post about “Posters for fans”?

Most readers now: “Huh, but Novil has never written a comic about killing kittens?!” Damn right. Or do you think I’m suicidal? I remember well what Gary Larson, the creator of The Far Side, wrote in his “The Complete Far Side” anthology:

„I remember the time I incurred the wrath of some Christian fundamentalists. (I know why, but I was at more risk from the cat lovers.”)

And let’s not forget German cartoonist Ralph Ruthe who now has to live incognito in Bhutan after publishing his infamous cat killer cartoon [in German] earlier this year!

I think it’s time to finally stand up against feline fundamentalism! Cartoonists must be allowed to make tasteless jokes about cats without having to fear for their life just as they’re allowed to make tasteless jokes about religion!

  • Protester: There he is!!
  • Sandra: Radical anti-abortion activists?
  • Larisa: Nah.
  • Protester: Death to infidels!
  • Sandra: Radical converts?
  • Larisa: Worse.
  • Protester: Revenge for Mittens!
  • Larisa: Radical cat lovers. They’re after a cartoonist who drew nasty comics about killing kittens.
  • Sandra: That guy’s a goner.
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