[0679] There’s Something About Melody

[0679] There’s Something About Melody

Don’t miss my news post containing the first screenshots of the Sandra and Woo adventure game developed by Feline Fuelled Games.

Sandra and Woo: First screenshots from the Sandra and Woo adventure game

Richard’s new Facebook status: “It’s complicated.”

  • Melody: I quit work at M.I.T. after winning two million dollars from the lottery. But I quickly got bored and began looking for a new job.
  • Melody: In my free time, I write code for open source projects and cook fancy three course meals.
  • Melody: Also, I sexually identify as a praying mantis and eat the heads of my lovers after intercourse.
  • Melody: Got any problem with that, shitlord?!
  • Richard: There’s always something.
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