Sandra and Woo gets a Webcomic Beaky Award

According to the judges of the Webcomic Beaky Awards of the webcomic netcast/blog The Webcomic Beacon, Sandra and Woo is one of the three best new webcomics of 2008! The other two winners are the marvellously drawn One Swoop Fell and the whacky Whubble.

We are feeling very honored to receive this award regarding how many other great new webcomics were nominated for a Webcomic Beaky.

Webcomics Beaky Awards

Reviews of Sandra and Woo

Woo! Sandra and Woo is currently the featured comic on WebcomicZ (screenshot) and Christopher Schultz wrote a very favorable review. According to Coyote Trax’ review on his blog Webcomics Critique, he seemed to enjoy reading Sandra and Woo, too. On top of that, Sandra and Woo was nominated for this year’s Webcomic Beaky Awards by the jury of the webcomic netcast/blog The Webcomic Beacon.

Gladly, WebcomicTV’s fear of Sandra being brutally slain by the alien invaders was not justified.

Monkey Facts

Good news, everyone! Sandra and Woo will update thee times next week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) because our one page story “Monkey Facts” for the monkey comic book is done. Since it may take another two months until the publication of the anthology, nothing should speak against showing our short story a bit earlier. Apparently, one Reuben Awards winner and one Eisner Awards winner have agreed on drawing something for the comic book. So I am looking forward to seeing the other stories and I’ll keep you informed about the state of the charity project.

Oh, and our 50th comic strip (published on Monday, 13 April 2009) will be in COLOR! And it will be a comic which only really works in color so it’s not only eye candy.

Immediately crushed hopes

I got an email with the subject line “Sandra and Woo in TIME Magazine”.

It was spam for a Million Dollar Homepage rip-off.

Can we go back to non-personalized spam for cheap mortgage loans and weight loss pills, please? Thank you.

Things to come

The next two comic strips are already done. Although I am usually very self-critical if my writing matches Powree’s awesome artwork, I truly love everything about the new strips. 🙂 So I feel save to say that you can look forward to seeing some of our best work yet. (And the following strips seem to be very promising, too.)

NICHTLUSTIG, the most successful German webcomic, is now also partially available in English at NOTFUNNY Cartoons. It’s the prime example that cartoons can be even more bizarre than The Far Side and still be funny.