Top 10 comments from comics #226 to #250

On 2 December 2010 I posted a list of the best comments made by our readers until then. I want to make this a regular feature now, posting the 10 best resp. funniest comments from a bunch of around 25 comics each time.

So here is my personal selection from the strips #226 to #250 in our archive. Of course I didn’t read every single comment (again), but I also had a look at those comments that only received a couple of upvotes because they appeared so late in the comment history.

Although regular commentators like AmbiValent and Blitzkrieg1701 are also featured, AckAckAck completely ruled the competition with four comments that made it into the list.

Comment by MrGBH on the strip Bull’s Eye I:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Comment by isaac on the strip Bull’s Eye II:

i love conveniently placed bottomless pits of doom

Comment by AckAckAck on the strip Already Gone:

After Hero, the next song is Aerith Theme song.

Hope Sandra won’t freak out.

Comment by AckAckAck on the strip Dinner:

Our parents always say not to play with our food, but they never say anything about not to talk with them….

*see my bag of peanuts*

“Umm…. hi…. how are you today…. oh…. that’s right, yes….. so…. you feel kinda nutty today…..”

Comment by coyoteBR on the strip Hazel On The Run I:

@Felipe 058 – a squirrel is a biologic weapon. Can cause serious deflorestation, eating one seed at a time.

Comment by AckAckAck on the strip Good Plan:

Ms. Heather
Owner of the Animal Reservation and Sanctuary

Let me introduce myself, my name is Wile E. Coyote, I’m the co-owner of The Wile E. Coyote School of Hunters. Owned by me and and Acme corporation. Our headhunter notice a fox kit named Shadow that live in your sanctuary seems to excel in making elaborate plans to aid his hunting activity. We from Wile E. Coyote School of Hunters appreciate this skill and want to offer a scholarship for your kit fox. We will provide the lodging and daily nourishments and Acme Corporation will supply him with the latest technologies for his hunting needs.

If you’re interested, please reply as soon as possible and we will send you a form for you and Shadow to fill. Thank you for reading this letter in advance (and don’t mind the anvil that attached to this letter).

Wile E. Coyote
Co-owner and Dean
Wile E. Coyote School of Hunters

Comment by Blitzkrieg1701 on the strip Released:

Oh no! It’s their Darker and Edgier 90’s counterparts!

Comment by AmbiValent on the strip Matchbox Cars And Quantum Physics:

Tim: I’m curious as to how she can re-enact the double slit experiment with matchbox cars. I mean, how can she show that light separates in all directions but only light the superposes in-phase remain visible, all with physical metal objects?

I thought of that… but to get the correct outcome she’d only need to turn the matchbox cars into something like a fluid, which is a talent many younger siblings possess.

Comment by AckAckAck on the strip Unpleasant Surprise I:

Harvey got bitten by Woo! then at full moon he will turn into a…. WERERACCOON!

The insticts of the raccoon taking over!

Fish! mice! snake! cookies! bellyrub!

Comment by Yappy Dog on the strip Savior:

The New Larisa 500:
0 to Flirtatious in two seconds flat!

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